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Hexagonal Boring video

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  • Hexagonal Boring video

    Heard of and have seen video for square hole drilling, this is hexagonal boring

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    Looks like a horrible finish.

    Wont be replacing rotary broaching or regular for that matter. The acceleration rates needed to do it at a useful speed would be very high.


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      He used the same concept within EMC2 in this video also

      (Eccentric / Non-circular turning using CNC)

      Andy did a cool hobbing video also

      (emc2 is awesome )


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        Hex Bore

        It looks like the wrench is pretty wobbly in that hole. Definitely not precision. I would say a crude way to use technology. As an experiment to see what can be done, it has some value in that we know more now than before.
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          This was just to see if it could be done...

          quoting andy

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            Hmmm, I kinda like the idea. Consider that 'form relief' gear cutter from another thread, What if you did it by cam on a manual mill insted of by CNC?

            That'd screw with those CNC people allright. "Yea my manual mill bores hex holes, at a few 100rpm, How about your CNC? Awww only 10rpm? And you have to hand crank the spindle? Sucks to be you"

            Of course what you don't tell em is your using a grade 8 bolt of the right size for a cam, and that it likey wears out after a few operations at that speed

            im thinking you'd want something compound sized or maybe a little smaller for a low mass dovetail... if spring returned, you could rough it out at higher speed and let the cam float a little, then slow it down to make the detailed corners.

            And as far as wrench wobble, He likey just set the diamiter wrong, Id think accuracy would be how well formed it is when set correctly, and if it quickly wears to a slightly larger size due to high spots that wear off quickly.
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              yes - another qoute from andy

              And the wrench is indeed wobbly, I got the tool offsets wrong and made a Torx by accident, truth be told.


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                Pretty impressive.


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                  Agreed, Maxx.

                  One almost begins to wonder it the "oddness" that is mathematically possible has a use/value or if some things will be done "just because they can", along the lines of proprietary and then cause grief later...