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O/T Freight on equipment from US

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  • O/T Freight on equipment from US

    I have been looking at some of the used machines on various auction and machinery disposal sites in the US ,
    Can anyone help with freight companies who will ship whole containers of machines ?

    Lucas Horizontal boring machines vertical machining cnc 's etc


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    One thing that can be a problem is power requirements... US stuff being 240V 60Hz three phase..

    As for freight forwarders.... One chap in Cairns used this company to bring in a single CNC lathe from the US
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      I think Aus customs is a tough go.........I know they crucify the farm and heavy equipment guys almost automatically refusing entry sending it to Asia to be surgically cleaned no matter how good of hygene it first appeared as........
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        That's because of quarantine restrictions here. Farm equipment and earth moving stuff is especially bad...any hint of soil and it gets rejected. We lack some species of nematodes and many soil-borne pathogens. Some viruses are also unknown here (such as rabies).

        Quarantine also requires fumigation or heat treating of wood products including pallets. Canada doesn't, and look at the problems they're having back east with Ash tree disease imported from China.