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Best way to cut .010" Blue Spring steel?

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  • Best way to cut .010" Blue Spring steel?

    I had a few places try and laser cut these but the laser is too hot, speed is too slow or something it melts the edges.

    I had someone try and water jet cut these it blows the metal off the table. One guy tried gluing the metal to sheetrock it cuts fine but then how do I remove the parts glued to a piece of sheet rock.

    I need someone to cut me these 100 or more each time. Last time I had 120 cut 14 were bad. Enough metal to cut 60 or these parts is $30 from WW Grainger. These sell for $3.00 each.

    I can cut these out myself by hand assemble line style doing 60 parts at a time it takes me 5 minutes per part. I only hand make these for myself. If I could buy some at a good price I could sell them.

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    Have you thought of chemically etching them?
    Or get or make a Punch and Die?


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      Thin Parts

      I would build a compound die to do those. A compound die blanks and pierces everything in one hit so you would have a part each time the die closes and opens. You could run off hundreds of perfect parts in an hour. You could have the punch and die wire EDMed out of one piece of hardened tool steel and use a round punch for the center hole.


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        You need to find a better laser shop. I have seen stuff this small and light done all the time.

        Use something along the lines of hot glue to hold the parts down and then use a heat gun to pop them off.

        Or find someone with a wire edm. That will give you the best finish.


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          It should work fine on a waterjet if you make a subtable with correctly placed supermagnets to hold the parts.
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            I was thinking super magnets too.

            Alternatively, superglue will release once heated up to a reasonable temp (Im pertty sure its still lower then would affect the temper)

            So will verious loctite products. waxes. Hot glues. etc.
            Hot glue can be cleaned off pertty well and easily.

            Punch and die really sounds the best IMO though if you plan to make a lot and sell them. At worse they might need the lightest deburing afterwards, But im thinking with your application you might be able to just tell them to put the burr side up and they would'nt cause any problems.

            PS: VERY nice work on the finished ones.
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              A punch press die would be excellent. I thought about that myself. I have 2 blank die shoes. I sold both of my 5 ton OBI mechanical punch presses. I have 3 punch press dies for parts I don't make anymore and no punch press.

              I did chemically etch some of these parts. It takes time to get it ready to etch then about 1 hour to etch them. Parts do not come out with a perfect smooth edge they all have to be belt sanded to remove the uneven etch. Some places the metal etched too much some places not enough.


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                What the heck are they???
                Brian Rupnow


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                  Valves for a pulsejet?


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                    Make up a sandwich of two thicker parts with a whole bunch of shim layers (30 or 40?) between then use wire EDM to cut. Bolt the two thicker bits of material together to get a tight pack. We have done it before for some special solder tags.



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                      We make all kinds of things out of blue clock at work. I have a die that will take the 4 and 6 inch wide stock we get and shear it to a suitable length. Then we stack the pieces up, weld them together along the edges with a few quick beads and then send them in the the wire room to wire EDM. If you're not opposed to farming the work out this is the way to go.


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                        Wire EDM

                        Your best bet is to pop the .250 hole in the center, stack them up on a bolt into a block shape and wire edm the profile with 2 or 3 narrow connections left to the outer block. Then remove the bolt, unstack and do a final cutoff with either a 1/32 abrasive cutoff or a nipper, whichever leaves an acceptable edge profile. The EDM will leave a clean edge that will not need further processing.


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                          for what its worth I second the "find a new laser guy" notion.

                          it should be a cake walk.


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                            We wire the stuff all the time.


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                              Originally posted by adatesman
                              Valves for a pulsejet?


                              That "head" in the one pic is very telling......

                              Keep eye on ball.
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