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advice wanted: modifications for bearing inserts

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  • advice wanted: modifications for bearing inserts

    I need to get my garden tractor put back together but instead I keep pulling parts off of it to fix This is the steering box (actually this is from the wrong color tractor but it is almost the same gearbox):

    The hole that the side plate mounts to is egg shaped. My plan is to bore it out and insert bronze bearings. I have two bearings that, once pressed in, will leave a gap in the middle of the bore for the grease to flow.

    My plan is to put this on a faceplate and use shims and three points to mount it. It rocks a bit so the shims will be necessary. I plan on mounting it with the shaft in place so I can verify using a dial indicator that the shaft is perpendicular to the bed ways. The other alignment isn't as critical. I'm shooting for .001" under for the bore. I can peen over the edge of the bore to trap the bearing in place after assembly.

    First question - using a HSS boring tool how bad will this interrupted cut be?

    Second question - there is a channel cut from the center (where the grease zirc is) to the outside on one side only (the side with the nut). The side that the plate (that holds the finger) is on has no channel. I'm thinking of using a dremel or a small hacksaw blade to create a small channel for grease and am thinking that it should go the entire length of the bore. Any reason not to do that?

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    How long is that tube attached to the box with the worm and sector in it? Can it be removed without too much difficulty? I'd try using a 4-jaw if the lathe has a big enough swing.

    I rarely use HSS, so I can't comment on that.

    The added grease channel sounds like a good idea.
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      thanks for the reply winchman. It's not clear from my photos or from the web site but the tube comes out of the casting so the total lenghth that needs to be mounted on the 4 jaw is about 6 inches.


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        I don't think a HSS cutter would have any problem doing what you want. The interruption in the cut should pose no problem, but I would approach my final size slowly..the last cut being maybe .002 under, then go back in without adjusting the tool and let it clean things up and round them out.

        You could peen the bearings to prevent movement, but probably if you cleaned the bearings and the housing of all oil and used red Loctite to mount them they wouldn't move at all.

        What is the standard bore on the part, and what is the OD on the bearings you plan to use?

        You could turn a small shoulder on a long bronze bearing and drill some cross holes in the appropriate places for grease. The shoulder would keep the bearing from moving in and the housing cover would keep it from moving out.


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          The shaft is 3/4" and the bearings I bought are 7/8"