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any thoughts on this QCTP??

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    Originally posted by PixMan
    I don't understand. Are you saying you have to mill the base of the tool post body itself, or are you referring to the common task of having to modify the T-nut to fit the slot in your machine's compound slide?
    I presume he means the piece of steel supplied to make the tee nut. That's what I was referring to.

    I could be wrong, of course.


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      The part that goes into the t-slot is what I will be whittling on, I might be working on it tonight, I never thought to drag a file across it to see if it was hardened. Keith


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        That really shouldn't be very hard. It's a well-known fact that they're made oversized so that the buyer can fit it to his or her machine. I don't think they'd make that task closer to impossible for the average home shop machinist who would be buying it.

        If it is hardened through or case-hardened, it's still machinable. YOu just need quality carbide tooling and know how to use it effectively.


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          The Phase II tool post base is NOT hardened, I have had 3 of those and milling them was a straight forward procedure.

          I should get my Jeff Beck TP tomorrow, and will see about it, but as pixman says, that would seem counterproductive to require the purchaser to have to machine a hardened piece.
          If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something........