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Where is Oldtiffie?

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  • Where is Oldtiffie?

    He's absent since Feb. I hope he 's OK.
    WI/IL border, USA

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    He left a while back about when several left in varying degrees of "acrimony".....

    many of them have come back, and things have actually been pretty quiet as far as contentious threads..... I don't recall any since.

    You are correct, Tiffie seem to be permanently gone. His choice, I assume, given the timing.

    Dibs I on one of his T&Cgrinders, though, if his will doesn't specify scrapping.

    Keep eye on ball.
    Hashim Khan

    It's just a box of rain, I don't know who put it there.


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      Australia. Down under.


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        Hi Michael,
        I have thought the same thing over the last few months.

        The last I heard from the Mods is he was having a spell from the forum.
        He was ganged up on a while back about showing what he did with all his tools and machinery, which I thought was unfair. It shouldn't matter how much someone uses their tools/machinery.
        He was always willing to help anyone, and would post pictures/links to help explain things as well. He is a knowledgeable fellow and put a lot of time and effort into the forum over the years.

        So if your reading this Oldtiffie, it would be good to see you back around the forum.



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          Originally posted by MichaelP
          He's absent since Feb. I hope he 's OK.
          He is "hibernating." I had a PM from Mick on 17 July 2011. He feels badly about some offensive remarks he had made. But I urged him to come back. I hope he will – his remarks have never been mean-spirited, and the forum isn't quite the same without him.
          Allan Ostling

          Phoenix, Arizona


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            Oldtiffie, thanks

            Oldtiffie helped me a great deal when I was purchasing a T&C grinder late last year. I harassed him so much I'm sure he wished he'd never heard from me, but he was always very helpful with advice, direction, and photos to help me along the way.

            Still have NFI what I'm doing with the grinder, but that's a lack of time to play, and no reflection on OT.

            I never got the chance to thank Oldtiffie publicly for all his help, and so i would like to take the opportunity to do so now.

            So, Oldtiffie, if you're still lurking on this forum, many thanks for all your help mate.



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              Craig Donges was another who dropped off when the forums heated up and he felt attacked unfairly for offering goods. That was over on PM. It's a shame, as what Craig was offering was much needed by members to either keep existing machines running or just as a source for good American Iron that otherwise might be headed to scrap. Wish he were back. He's in the rust belt and was able to find and offer good deals for those us that are rust deprived.
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                Still in the land of the living

                Thanks all.

                I felt that I may have been a bit of a lightning rod and attracted a fair bit of comment that I was not too pleased about prior to and up to February this year.

                I decided to take myself out of the forum for an initial 3 months - later extended to 4 and 6 months - and see how it went, which I did, but I logged on fairly regularly during that period so that I could "keep in touch".

                There seemed to be a fair bit of acrimony about as well to and by others and I thought that the forum and I could do with "rest" from each other on that score as well.

                I have (re)considered how I format my posts as regards too many copies of images (rather than links) and some other items too. I will endeavour to keep to that too.

                I got "ticked off" with a "lift your game" - or (implied "or else") - PM from George Bulliss some time ago that hit the mark with me as I had over-stepped the mark on some occasions. I replied and apologised to George and said that I quite understood and would abide by the rules and would not push the limits too far too often.

                I have stuck rigidly to that undertaking and intend to keep to it. I will ignore any posts that may otherwise cause me to breach that obligation.

                I will post on an occasional rather that a regular basis.

                To that end and to reduce the chance of any hi-jacking or diverting a current thread, I have book-marked some posts/threads that seem to have run their course and which I think have some HSM content and merit in them that I may be able to make some useful contribution to.

                I really do appreciate how George Bulliss has exerted his authority and control to keep the forum on a mainly HSM basis with little or no political or "heavy" adversarial content.

                Thanks George.


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                  Originally posted by oldtiffie

                  I really do appreciate how George Bulliss has exerted his authority and control
                  Is there anything George can do to make you stop messing with your post count?
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                  Allan Ostling

                  Phoenix, Arizona


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                    Posts: 4,294,967,295

                    Wow, he's got more than Evan.

                    Good to see the 'new' Tiffie back, but also please leave all the endless Tiffiepedia links out of your posts.

                    Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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                      That too

                      Thanks John.

                      The "too many Wikipedia links" will be cut back drastically as well.


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                        As we were

                        Originally posted by aostling
                        Is there anything George can do to make you stop messing with your post count?
                        We shall see. I have consulted the oracle. It should be reduced more than somewhat - hopefully zero. My "Date of Joining" and "Rank" (ie "Member") should stay "as is".

                        So far as I am concerned, I am only and merely just a member, irrespective of my number of posts or "Rank" (which is based soley on number of posts and not, so far as I am aware, based on merit).

                        Having said that, I must stress that it is and should only be applied me. The normal attributes should continue to apply to others if they wish.

                        All of my previous posts for the previous 12 months are here - none have been deleted:

                        Previous posts are in the archive/s.


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                          4,294,967,295 - 32 bit unsigned integer set to it's upper limit. Coding issues somewhere.....


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                            Originally posted by oldtiffie
                            We shall see. I have consulted the oracle. It should be reduced more than somewhat - hopefully zero. My "Date of Joining" and "Rank" (ie "Member") should stay "as is".
                            In hexadecimal the postcount translates as 0xFFFFFFFF, which can be seen as -1. So nothing to worry about.


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                              Live and learn

                              Thanks MCS.

                              Well, I'll be "ff"-ed.

                              And it was made so.