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replacement splined handle?

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  • replacement splined handle?

    I have a 7x12" gearhead horizontal bandsaw with hydraulic downfeed. The feed unit is sold as one part (hate it when they do that) but is actually an assembly. My shutoff lever was broken off before I got the machine. It's just a little lever probably 1.5" long, with a female splined hole that fits over the male splined valve stem. I have about 270° of the actual splined part, looks like a washer with a pie-shaped piece broken out of it. There might be enough so I could solder a flat piece to the top then drill it out and put it over the valve stem. But what I'd really like to do is to try to make a small straight spline broach and try to broach out a homemade brass or aluminum lever.

    Anyone got any words of wisdom? It would be nice to know if there is a standard valve stem spline, so I could just count the number of splines and I'd fully know the topology, for example. Probably wishful thinking ..


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    I would just make a new handle for the valve out of delrin with a slightly smaller hole than the od of the spline and then press it on with the screw that held the old handle on.


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      Not knowing what your specific valve/handle looks like this may not help, but many small valves use a splined connection between the hand wheel and stem. Don't know if you could find a replacement hand wheel, but even buying the whole valve to acquire the handle might be simpler and quicker.

      Then again, simpler and quicker may not be what you are after??



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        If you can't find the exact match, lightly wax/grease the male spline, insert whatever hande on top, pour in some JB weld. Remove after 4 hours (just to be sure it will come off).


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          If its not a big deal to take off, remove and take to your local hardware store and go to the faucet dept and try to match the spline with the replacement handles. If nothing fits make one just drill out a piece of stock with the od of the spline put in 2 pointy set screws at 90° and your good to go.