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OT: Weird PC issue killing me - help?

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  • OT: Weird PC issue killing me - help?

    With all my lurking I know you guys also know your way around PC's, I'm really having an issue and hope you can steer me. Background: PC running XP Home,last week got an error screen, couldn't find some .dll, couldn't reboot normally or in safe mode. My computer guy is moving his shop but took it in anyway. Said something affected the OS, found a virus supposedly and could not resurrect it as is, but that all my files and data were still on the drive. So, put in another drive and loaded OS on it to save the files on the old drive. Reloaded critical software on new drive and tried to open data files on old drive. They opened, but were old. Looked at the files and they are dated early May, backups that are on a thumb drive that was plugged in at the time are also May. Files associated with programs that were closed at the time show the recent mod dates, but any program open at the time of the crash has file modified dates of May 11, weird.
    Haven't come up with a satsifactory answer yet. Any ideas, suggestions or clues? Thanks in advance, I'll check in occasionally while I'm running around like a chicken with his head chopped off.

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    Did you run a full backup in May and was that the last time you did? If so, you may be looking at the volume shadow copy that is still on the drive. If you had the same programs open at the time those applications would have been momentarily locked during the backup and the entire set of files copied via the volume shadow copy service to an unused section of the drive. Somehow the file system table is pointing to the shadow copy instead of the current files.
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      Thanks for the reply. Yes that May 11 date was probably a day I did run backups. I'm certain I've run backups since then. I don't have a set methodology to how I run backups so I don't know how many I've run since then. I used to run my two critical programs on my desk system and then would also run them on my laptop. Would back up the main then restore onto the laptop so all the info was the same. But, being the lazy idiot I am I stopped doing that earlier in the year, otherwise I could just reverse the process. Oh well. Also decided to really try to go paperless at about the same time, that was a mistake, now I'm going to have some fun trying to re-enter all my accounting stuff. Oh well.


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        Strider. You can just reload/reinstall any .dll file. If you search for it online and download it you then can reinstalll it. Reinstalling it is not the same as placeing it into the correct dirrectory. Do an online search and you'll find directions on how to do it coerreectly. is a good place for info.


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          You can register a .dll or .ocx by running regsvr32 from the command prompt.