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Uses for extra weed eater motors?

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  • Uses for extra weed eater motors?

    I have a couple extra weed eater motors laying around and I am always trying to think of a use for them but never come up with much. The one I have used for a couple of my own experiments like oxygen injection and testing my leaf blower before putting big power to it. But I just know there has to be some good use for them. What have you done with small motors? Ideas on stuff they can be used for?

    Pictures are always great too!

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    I have a similar problem - I have a back pack blower engine I can't decide what to do with.
    I've seen them adapted for use on model airplanes, and the one I've got could work on a small pit scooter. (as in race track pit)
    A friend of mine suggested converting it into a gas powered drill motor - not a bad idea, but I don't have a need for one of those.
    It may just have to be yard sale fodder or trading stock.

    edit: You did mean gas powered rather than electric, didn't you ?
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      Have you tried cooling your brakes with them..seems to work well in F1 .


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        My first thought would be to use it for a powered bicycle.
        There's tons of info out there for converting a weed eater engine for bike use.
        The most popular design theme seems to be using it on a custom made rear rack with the engine driving the rear tire via a machined and knurled drive wheel. You could design it so that it could pivot the entire assembly out of engagement with the rear wheel when not needed.
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          Friction drives eat your tire pertty quick.

          I got one too, was planing on turning it into a motorbike motor.. but never got around to it, the real kits work so much better.
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            Use one to make a gas powered blender, for those margaritas at the track!


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              I used one one time to make a small motor for a duck hunting canoe, the kind which has a straight shaft.

              There was also one I gave one to a neighbor kid who wanted to motorize a skateboard. I haven't heard if be broke something trying to use it.
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                Large scale RC boats and buggies, I have a 25cc 1/6 buggy 40 pounds does about 35 Miles an hour. They call em ankle busters. I have a couple engines that I would like to make a large scale air boat RC out of
                rcairboats they had some great videos on it a while ago.
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                They had a 1/4 scale NASCAR and World of Outlaws type sprint cars with the weed wacker engines.
                They have all kinds of speed stuff and fancy mufflers for the engines too.
                Been there, probably broke it, doing that!
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                  Skateboard power..

                  Robot power..

                  Portable car booster...

                  Bicycle power plant.. (wide open and slide)
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                    I have been thinking about grafting one on to a medium sized angle grinder that has a bad armature. Also have thought about linking 2 motors together, and running one and taking compressed air from the other.


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                      Good power pack for an ultra light---basically a motorized glider.
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                        Great ideas so far! I thought about the 1/5th RC car but I don't think I would get enough enjoyment from it. I have all the full size toys to play with when I have time.

                        The emergency jumper for the car/truck idea is interesting. I have a generator that I carry with me now but something cheap and smaller would be cool. What kind of AC amps can be extracted from a car alternator?

                        Two of them together for a compressor is a neat idea too, as well is the angle grinder idea! I got the feeling after a week of this thread I will be out of motors and looking for more.

                        Yes I am talking gas motors Scott.


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                          I used them to make RC Airboats i have used 18cc to 50 cc engines on them.



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                            Have a fiend that put a prop on one, moved the tank,put a twist throttle put it on a bike. He had to pedal start but after getting going could break 40MPH without pedeling & had under $20+ the bike in the project. Way cool!
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                              Originally posted by davidwdyer
                              I used one one time to make a small motor for a duck hunting canoe, the kind which has a straight shaft.

                              What size motor?
                              I want to that for my canoe.