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Coolant hose source?

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  • Coolant hose source?

    I need some armored coolant hose,3/8"ID,by armored I mean flexible metal jacketed so chips don't melt holes in it.Our big lathe at work has the coolant line ran inside a flexible wire tray.I'm tired of replacing it every few months due to chips melting holes in it.The original hose that came with the machine had a thin spiral sheet metal jacket similar to Greenfield electrical wire.
    Any ideas where to find it?
    I just need one more tool,just one!

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    Stay-Put Flexible Metal Coolant Hose:

    That said, Loc-Line would also work and is easily found.


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      Nice chromed metal clad hoses at your bathroom store!


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        Why not buy a few feet of armored wire and just rip the wire out and run some hose of your choice through the center?
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          Grohe handshower and pull-out facet hoses... 1/2 inch IP fitting on each end. Dead easy. Oh... they have a lifetime warranty Many other brands also... but I know that Grohe is metal, not chomed plastic.

          Those "stay-put" flex hoses from McMaster look like the ticket though!
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            You could have a look around here.



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              Guess I should have mentioned I need a 14 foot long piece of it Not the nozzle end either,the supply length that runs from the coolant pump to the carriage.

              Thought about flexible conduit,but it won't bend as tight a radius as the wire tray.Also limited on space in the tray.
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              I just need one more tool,just one!


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                ha.. 3x 5 foot shower hoses! Super flexible...

                or you can order all sorts of metal clad hose from McMaster in lengths up to the full reel (100ft)

                Example - look up the item and it will take you to the catalog page:

                Item 5676T32 - $40 for the first foot with one male and female fitting, 54 cents an inch after that.

                or, for really flexible and 1558 psi...

                Item 54875K13 - $43.54 plus $1.39 per inch.
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