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How To Stake Or Rivit A Master Link In A Hyvo Chain

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  • How To Stake Or Rivit A Master Link In A Hyvo Chain

    I recently received a length of HV406 Hyvo chain for the chain case in an old Tucker Sno-Cat. I ordered an endless chain but a 63 link
    length plus master links arrived. The master link has to be assembled and the ends of the pins staked or riveted over. The chain can be
    assembled on the bench and installed afterwards.

    Does anyone here know a method of staking the ends of the master link pins other than using a small ball peen hammer?
    The pins are very skinny and about 1 1/2" long. I have staked master links in roller chains in the past the end result did not look as good
    as factory but never gave a problem.

    This machine is used to access remote microwave sites on mountain tops and reliability is important.


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    arent they spin riveted?


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      some motorcycle chains have a handheld staking tool. it's basically a block of steel with a screw that you tighten down onto the pin and it smashes the head into a mushroom. there's some specific end geometry that's ground on the screw or on the better models, there may be a separate piston between the pin and screw to keep wear down.

      could you use an air chisel with the point ground off the tool, or maybe a piece of drill rod with a concave end ground on it with a hammer?


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        I ordered a couple spare master link kits just in case. I assembled the link and used a very small ball peen hammer 4 oz i believe. I tapped away
        at it for a while and the end result was hard to tell from the factory staking.