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Monarch 10ee "project", too ambitious?

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  • Monarch 10ee "project", too ambitious?

    Found a 10ee, owner died and had taken apart a 40's era machine for either moving it or repainting. It had been fully functional, but now has lots of boxes of parts.

    Has 3 jaw, 4 jaw, collect chuck, faceplate, collect set, taper attachment, and some tooling.

    Was considering this as a long range project, years possibly. Guy is asking $1200. I've never used a 10ee, but have lusted.

    Biting off more than I can chew?

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    Somebody needs to do it. That's a hell of a good price if all the parts are still there.


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      I talked with the owner about this machine a couple of months ago. He couldn't assure me that the parts were there. It sounded like a lot of money for a parts machine. There is some good stuff that comes with it. Good luck with it if you decide to purchase. Post pics of your project as it progresses. I'd be real interested in watching your project. Chuck


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        That's part of the problem, I didn't see how it all came apart!

        And that's assuming all the parts are there. Could be a big assumption but the guy selling indicated should be all there

        Where I live now I can't even power the thing up. This would be a long range project for years down the road. The temptation is great....


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          I suggest that you post this on the Monarch forum at PM. There is a vast store of knowledge there.


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            As DP said "somebody's gotta do it". If you decide to jump on it, Here's a link that may help.


            The first part has to do mainly with scraping, but when you get farther in there's lots of pictures as to how things go together, come apart, & how repairs were done. A good read on lathe rebuilding even if you don't have a Monarch.

            Edit: Sorry Beckley23, I didn't notice your name on your post. I apologize if I mis-stepped, but your thread was too good not to mention
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            I cut it twice, and it's still too short!


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              This has absolutely been the weirdest ten days of equipment shopping I've had. For the longest time nothing in prospects, and now all these different temptations come flying at me all at once....

              My budget is still for my "basement lathe" that I started the other Rockwell 11" thread about, and I'm going to look at that on Monday.

              BUT, I found this 10ee, and I keep wondering, "what if?" in my head.
              What if everthing is there?
              What it if it is fully operational, and I just need to put it all back together?
              What if I could get a MONARCH for that price to use someday down the road?
              I mean, I could scrape together enough scratch to take a chance on it.

              ...or, what if it is a total cluster, and becomes the biggest headache I could imagine.



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                Offer scrap price. If it turns into a headache, either part it out or haul it to the 'yard.


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                  For a long term project - go for it! 5 or 10 Yrs from now it'll be worth all the more and be even more admired when it's done.
                  I cut it twice, and it's still too short!


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                    $1200 is too much for a round dial in pieces. If you are missing something then you will have to take time to search for it. Most parts can be found as there are at least a couple parted out per year. Also Monarch does have replacement parts. But the price of parts can vary from cheap to extraordinary.

                    The manual does have pictures of all the parts in roughly the location they are in so its not hard to figure out where they go.


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                      That is an OLD model with the round dial. Looks like the whole drive system is missing,which is o.k.. You can install a VFD and a motor,but it will not be real cheap. The missing covers on the end cannot be bought. You'll have to find old ones that fit the early model. The early model is a 12" swing. Later square dial models are 12 1/2" swing,so I doubt that later covers would fit.

                      The bed is probably worn on a machine that old,even though it is hardened.

                      The 10EE is a very complicated lathe,not to be lightly undertaken unless you are a pretty knowledgable machinist.

                      Parts are VERY expensive from Monarch. Just the carriage handwheel,made of aluminum,is about $400.00.
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                        Got more pics from the seller, endcovers are there. Lots of boxes of parts..... made July 1940. 12.5" swing.

                        I think 8 bills might be a worthy crapshoot. You could at least most likely part it out at that price, if all else fails....
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                          Is that a 30" machine? If so, they are kinda rare to begin with, most are 20". I am also in the process of restoring one, the previous owner died, had to start with boxes of parts.

                          The forum on Practical Machinist is excellent. There are a lot of threads there, they can get you up to speed pretty quick as to what you are in for. The 10EE is a bit different animal, to be sure, but what a machine!

                          If you have to replace the drive, you have a lot of options available as to what you can do. Again, that forum will give you a lot of information.


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                            On second look at the picture, I can see where a lot is missing on the cross slide, leadscrew, etc. I would be sure those parts are there. Mine wasn't stripped down that far.


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                              Its not a 30".