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  • volstro milling attachment

    I have a volstro milling attachment. I'm looking for information on the unit such as owners/operators manuals and/or parts manual. If anyone can help me, I would appreciate it very much. Thank you. George M. Hawks ([email protected])

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    Ask and ye shall etc...


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      WOWZERZ....Thank You Forrest


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        volstro unit

        Originally posted by Forrest Addy
        I received all the information I need to run the unit and WAY MORE than I had hoped for. Thank you! George Hawks


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          I have bought 3 of these units. One for work,one for my journeyman,and 1 for myself.

          I offer the following advice: First of al,the first one I bought had the spindle broken off early on in it's career. Looked too hardened to me. At the time,Volstro was still in business,and they wanted $119.00(I think) for a new spindle. I didn't like the hole through the center of the spindle. The tech said it was where they held the units to grind them.

          I just made myself a new spindle with no hole. The unit wasn't very complicated inside.

          NEVER use an endmill over 3/8" diameter,and only take fairly light cuts. Some ham handed operator found that out the hard way before I bought the first unit.

          The "power feed" to the milling machine's head is WAY TOO RAPID. Forget about using it. That could have been how it was broken to begin with.

          You can't do much about slowing down the power feed rate. Even on the slowest setting of the Bridgy,the rate is stupidly too rapid. You will find that out for yourself,but be sure to only be MILLING AIR the first time you operate it under power.

          The unit is great for certain jobs. It allows making circular and straight cuts that would be much more difficult with a rotary table alone.

          I was also very lucky to find a never used Volstro slotting attachment. I was considering making one. I had designed one on my own. Turns out my design was exactly like the Volstro works in a sine wave milled cam. At the time,they only wanted $75.00 for that part,too. When I got the unit home,the grease inside the works had never been run.

          My last,and 3rd. Volstro rotary attachment was new in the box also. All the collets were in their original boxes.

          All obsolete devices,but so am I !!!


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            Does anybody know what happened to Volstro? Were they bought out by someone else or just plain went under?


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              They got bought out. Can't remember by who. They haven't been allowed to make anything since. What kind of sense is there to that?

              Maybe someone has better info.


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                Volstro went under and their accessories were no longer avalible thru MSC almost exactly when I'd aquired enough money to buy a few of them. It's really sad, But CNC probably had the most to do with them going out of business despite them being bought out. Their products still go for pretty high dollars for what looks to be really hard used equipment.