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  • Select Machine Tool Lathe??

    I looked at a select model 816B today that was advertised in newspaper. It was labeled Select by Select Machiery and Tool, L.A. CA.

    It is 8 X 16 and large heavy castings. My instincts tell me it is Tiwan, but another friend said he thought Jap from late 50's early 60's. This baby is tight with no nicks and only slop/play in in carrage cross slide. I chucked a bar and no runout and headstock bearings show no play. The thing is that this thing is loaded and as spidle is 1 1/2 8tpi like my SB, the tooling will mostly interchange. The price is $500, but it has lots of tooling.
    Includes US made 3 and 4 jaw chucks, 3 face plates, dogs, steady rest, 12 3at collets and closer, quick change toolpost with 6 holders, turret tool post, micrometer carrage stop, quick change gear box, 3/4" lead screw, lever tailstock, live dead and bull nose centers, thread dial and 20 pounds of bits, boring bars and "stuff". This is rigid and I made chips without vibration or chatter. It is a belt drive machine with back gears. The motor is 1 hp U.S. made, with reverse switch, and painted like lathe so it appears stock.
    Anybody out there ever heard or seen this machine. I am pretty tempted to buy it. Will have to build a bench as the wooden one it is on looks like a "Disney" job. I have a 9" SB, but this looks too good to pass up. Can't have too many toys--also looking at another shaper, brand unknown at this time.

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    Sounds like a winner to me.
    Location: North Central Texas


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        It is not listed in Tony's Lathe site, so it is likely to be an Asian import.
        At that price, you can probably afford to buy the accessories and throw the lathe away and still come out ahead.
        A neighbor of mine has about eight or ten lathes he has bought (he can't remember) simply because they were so well equipped. He figures to keep what he needs and still be able to resell the lathes at a profit.
        Jim H.