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  • Sb 9 Help !!!

    I bought a SB 9A with under drive a few months back, but it didn't have a taper attachment.
    I recently found someone willing to sell their taper attachment (back drive 9A).
    Problem is, mine has the standard cross slide. I found a taper cross slide for a SB 9 (not sure what it came off of).
    Are taper attachments & cross slides interchangable on different SB 9 models ???
    (posted on 3rd hand forum as well)

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    Can't say for sure, but I have a mid 30's model C and a mid 50's model C and the cross slides look identical.


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      This may help


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        I think there was a standard cross slide, and another that had some sort of telescoping cross slide leadscrew that made using a taper attachment easier.

        You can use a taper attachment with a standard cross slide, but you need to remove the leadscrew nut to do so. That isn't difficult. It's locked in place by the screw in the center of the leadscrew nut that projects up through the cross slide. Remove the leadscrew from the nut, loosen that locking screw, and the nut ought to push out. Keep track of which side of the nut is left and right for reinstallation.
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          Except my cross slide is solid with no slot (see att. pic) for the taper attachment screw and binding nut.
          I found a slotted cross feed on eBay, but is listed for SB 9".
          I was unsure if SB cross slides were interchangable across all 9" lathe models or not.


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            I am pretty sure that the model C isn't compatible with the A or B because the C doesn't have power cross feed. The A and B are interchangeable. There needs to be room for the drive gear on the crossfeed screw.
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