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Attaching parts for match drilling.

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  • Attaching parts for match drilling.

    I need to drill some matching hole patterns in a washer like disk mounted on a post on the base part. Disk is steel base is cast iron. It would be a significant time saver if the disk could be attached during drilling then removed. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    Byron Boucher
    Burnet, TX

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    Not sure I understand. Sounds like glue would do the job.



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      Um, If you need to match something to an existing set of holes, You can line the two peices up, clamp them to eachother, then use transfer punchs to punch a center punch mark, in the precise center of each hole (assuming throughholes), a set of 1/8" to 1/2" transfer punchs typicaly costs about $20

      Alternatively, if its a blind taped hole, threaded buttons with a point on the center can be threaded into the holes, you put the parts togethor and mallot them togethor to make the transfer.
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        Stick the pieces together with CA glue (super glue). When you're finished, heat to about 250 or 300 or so degrees F and the glue will release. Then you can clean up with a wire wheel or some sandpaper.