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    First, my apologies for the hasty sign in. I am employed as a machinist building custom and automated laboratory apparatus used in a medical research environment. I have the shop area to myself, I am the only machinist in the shop. The other employees consist of a mechanical designer/engineer and electrical/electronics engineers. In response to weirsciences question, no I have never worked at Electric Boat. I drive by the facility everyday though.I had worked at UNC Naval Products until the facility was shut down. The site is currently the Mohegan Sun Casino. I spent the next ten years in a flexible packaging manufacturing facility. The machine trade was dead for a while in this area. I still do not see a lot of machine work in this area. I have a home shop which consists of 1 South Bend lathe (Model 159Z, 1939). The first machine tool I ever owned, will keep as long as I can. 1 Bridgeport J-head 9x36 (1970's). 1 Rockwell surface/cutter-tool grinder. Yet to be assembled, in boxes, price was right, he even delivered it. 1 Rockwell vertical/horizontal mill (1968). The Rockwell mill and SB lathe have stories as to how I aquired them. If enough people ask, I will get into how I got them. I do not want to get long winded and bore everybody. I am also not the most computer savvy person I do try though. I can't add links, post pictures etc. I am also a volunteer firefighter (16 years so far).
    Again, thanks for welcoming me to the group, I look forward to contributing what and when I can.

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    Welcome aboard, you will enjoy this site and I am sure you will have much to add.

    you will be adding pictures and links in no time. In the meantime you can regail us descriptions.

    Paul G.
    Paul G.


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      let the stories flow. if someone doesn't want to read them, they can hit that small X in the upper righthand corner.

      i love hearing how people come across machines (or ideas). it gives me ideas for myself. do you have any pics????

      andy b.
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        Welcome aboard!I asked about electric boat because my nieghbors son worked there as a welder,close knit family in that line of work.

        Tool wise your off to a good start,Oh and talk of tools is never boring
        I just need one more tool,just one!