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  • reciprocating saw

    hi i just picked up a power hacksaw after cleaning it up i find it has a whole bunch of adjustments on it since i never used one i am at a bit of a loss with this it is a SHIM A made in japan the nameplate is gone can anyone help me with this it could be any brand i guess cant be that complicated ! thanks jack
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    photos would be nice you can take them uploadto internet and use punctuation in your text makes it more clear to read thx.

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      Ditto on what Jaakko said; capitalization and punctuation improve readability a lot.

      As far as the hacksaw.... I'm not very familiar with power hacksaws, but I do know that there should be some sort of arrangement the lifts the blade off the workpiece on the back stroke. Perhaps with that in mind you can look at the mechanism and All Will Become Clear, or at least slightly less muddy.
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        i appreciate your comments on the puctuation .i agree .i wil try to do better .as for pics ,my lady took the camera with her and wont be back for a week , till then , thanks for reading my post . regards ,jack


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          Plugging that name into a search engine brings me Ebay Austrailia. No power hacksaw but sowing machines....where you from?

          Hacksaws are crude, rude and damn near indistructable compaired to band saws!



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            hi i am in montreal quebec canada . i tried the name on line also but got nowhere . this thing is in great condition ,i just want to get familiar with it . i have wanted one for a long time even if i have a couple of band saws . i,ll eventually learn but it would be nice to have the manual ...especially for the adjustments ..jack