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Southbend 9" Workshop/405 horizontal drive assembly needed. . .help???

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  • Southbend 9" Workshop/405 horizontal drive assembly needed. . .help???

    I need a horizontal drive assembly (everything except the motor) for a Southbend 9" Workshop/405 lathe. . .including countershaft.

    I know that is says "For Sale" threads aren't allowed, but I'm not selling anything and I don't see a "Classified" sub-forum here. . .

    . . .if I can't find one I'm gonna make my own which could be interesting, but would be time consuming.


    Joel Atteberry
    Poulsbo, WA
    [email protected]

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    Have you tried ? Joe has an amazing assortment of stuff in his various barns.

    If you do make one of your own, contrive to have the belt tensioner directly between the pulleys on the lathe and countershaft. The South Bend design, off to one side, tends to twist the countershaft.
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      Thanks for the link and the tip.


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        Somewhere I have pictures of what appears to be a complete one, if it would be helpful I can look for them.

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