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OT - Quaint Names (town, street, etc.)

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  • OT - Quaint Names (town, street, etc.)

    The "English Language" thread brings to mind a topic I've always found interesting: names of places and subdivisions, and such.

    Very near me is a subdivision that has all the street names reflecting computers and/or software. Naturally, the main entrance is "Disc Drive." Been a few years since I drove through, so I don't recall many others, but they're all something like Ram Way, Floppy Drive, Memory Lane, etc.

    One developer in this area named the streets in one of his developments for his family members. A daughter gave rise to "Lisa" street. Of particular interest was "Bubba" street. Not sure I'd want that for my address.

    Southerners historically have seemed to go more for real down home, rustic names than most of the country. One of my favorites is the town of "Lick Skillet", Tennessee. Actually I think there are other Lick Skillets around the south.

    Anybody got any unusual names in your area(s)? I would think the Brits would have some entertaining offerings. Probably Aussies too.

    One local county road I like is "Butter and Egg Road." Not hard to imagine where that one came from.
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    Lynn (Huntsville, AL)

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    A few from western Kentucky:

    Possum Trot

    Monkey's Eyebrow

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      Place Names

      Turkey Foot Rd in Bourbon, MO and Hog Trough (a bridge) in Steelville, MO are 2 of my favorites.

      For "towns" you have Frankenstein, MO and Bem, MO


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        In my local area:

        Lois Lane
        Easy Street

        Frank Ford


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          I69 approaching Climax, Michigan. An old boss had that on his voice mail greeting.


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            Penisardre Road, Prestatyn.

            to an english man would sound funny

            pen iss ar dray to a welsh man

            all the best.markj
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              Intersection of 'Young' and 'Gay'

              'Crush crescent' that crosses train tracks.. And has had a train derail nearby.
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                There is a:

                Boring, Or,
                Zigzag, Or
                Rhododendron, OR
                Fossil, OR


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                  Seen on an overpass on the highway between Savanah & Macon GA:
                  Skate r Bowl Road!



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                    A town in Newfoundland.
                    Ishkabibble Rd.
                    A rd in Ontario


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                      Intercourse, Pennsylvania.

                      Blue Balls, Pennsylvania.
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                        My brother's boss once asked him to come up with some "french-sounding" street names for a subdivision the guy was doing. My brother suggested "Rue de Valley," Rue de Day," and Rue de Toot-Toot."

                        How about:

                        Intercourse, Pa
                        Bird in Hand, Pa
                        Hell, TX
                        Truth or Consequences, NM
                        Sandwich, IL


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                          Also, Highway 196 in Michigan is known as the Gerald R. Ford Freeeway, and it has a "Covert" exit.


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                            Rue de Toot Toot! I like that.
                            Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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                              There are loads of villages in the UK called Adverse Camber, never visited any of them but you see the signs for them all over..............

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