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    The town of Frog Suck Arkansas.Also Snow Arkansas. And a place called Possion Trot La.
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      The company we use for re-rubbering the bandsaw wheels is on Dogpool Lane in Birmingham.

      That makes you wonder what the area was like 200 years ago ?

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        Exit 69 on Interstate 75 in Michigan is Big Beaver Rd.

        Michigan's Upper Peninsula has both Rudyard and Kipling. Along with Pine Stump Junction and Felch.

        Written in Ann Arbor, where Hell is a local call...


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          Hooker Creek Road, Balls Ferry Road and Gas Point Road near Anderson Ca.
          Makes ya wonder what they were thinking.



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            Originally posted by panchula
            Exit 69 on Interstate 75 in Michigan is Big Beaver Rd.

            Michigan's Upper Peninsula has both Rudyard and Kipling. Along with Pine Stump Junction and Felch.

            Written in Ann Arbor, where Hell is a local call...
            Big Beaver Road link. I think I need a new t-shirt:

            I've been to Hell, MI (and back, a few times!), too:


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              Big Beaver is the name of my home when someone asks where I am from I can honestly say (and with a straight face) "I'm from BIG BEAVER!" (It's right by The Big Muddy...)
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                Coonpath rd in Ohio. All 5 pieces of it.
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                  What? Nobody mentioned "Truth or Consequences" NM?

                  An Aunt of my wife used to live at the corner of Hollywood and Vine, somewhere outside of Chicago.

                  other oddities......

                  Pronunciation of roads and place names is also a goodie......

                  In St Louis, "Chouteau" street is pronounced "Show-tow". But the town of "Des Peres" is pronounced "Day-pear".

                  The "Courtois" river in outstate Missouri is pronounced "coat-away"
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                    In Salisbury, Connecticut, there is or at least used to be, a "Skunks Misery Road."

                    In my present home town, there's a "Money Hole Road."

                    If I drive from here to the American Precision Museum in Windsor, I pass through Felchville.

                    If you land at the Punxsatawny PA airport and drive north, you'll find yourself midway between Desire and Panic.


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                      I've always like Athol Springs, NY.
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                        In Concord, MA, there is "Old Road to Nine Acre Corner" - we called it ORNAC.

                        In Davis, CA - Mello Place. The sign was usually missing.

                        And, of course, Athol, MA, home of Starrett.

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                          Very much enjoyed this thread...

                          Seeing the other Pennsylvania references I thought for sure Virginville, PA and Climax, PA would have made the list. Ironically very much near some of the other towns listed already...

                          Have a great night...


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                            Leave Charlotte, NC, Eastbound on NC 24/27. When you get to Red Cross, turn right on 205 and drive a couple miles to Big Lick. At Big Lick, turn left and drive a couple miles back to 24/27, then turn right. Another 1/2 mile and you're in Frog Pond. Turn right onto Frog Pond Road, then right onto Hazard Rd.

                            Turn left on Saint Martin Road, go about 2 miles again, then at the church turn right onto Booger Holler Road. Park at the bottom of the hill and wait patiently for the ghost.

                            So much for North Carolina.

                            In Parkersburg, West Virgina is "Lost Pavement Road." I've often wondered about that name.

                            Somewhere in my archives I have a list of interesting place names in Pennsylvania, and another from Alabama. If I can find those I'll pass them along.


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                              Arkansas has booger hollow and toad suck.


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                                State parks are good too. On one road trip I stopped at Big Bone Lick State Park ( which,believe it or not, is right outside of Beaver Lick Kentucky.