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    It was mentioned elsewhere but I live about five minutes from Lizard Lick, North Carolina. I also live on Luxury Lane. I don't have enough money to put up any hotels yet, I'm still saving but I do live in Park Place subdivision.




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      The town of Downers Grove, Illinois has always made me think of a bunch of drugged out hippies hanging out in the woods.


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        Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump

        [apparently there are quite a few "Buffalo Jump" but only one with their heads smashed in ]


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          Swampoodle Road, PA

          This being the main attraction,
 which is not far at all from Gum Stump.

          Also not far away is Pacific and a few miles from there, Atlantic.



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            For unusual place names in the UK check out this:

            Buy The Meaning of Liff: The Original Dictionary Of Things There Should Be Words For Reprints by Adams, Douglas, Lloyd, John (ISBN: 9780330281218) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

            It gives all the names a meaning in the manner of a dictionary and makes a very good smallest room time passer.


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              I pass Cold Christmas occasionally and there are all the Slaughters.

              A couple of good ones are the Welsh village of Pant-Y-Gyrdll and the Australian town of Djabringabeeralong.
              Paul Compton


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                Whenever i visit my brother in Wiltshire, UK i drive through "chilton foliat", go pass "crooked soley", avoid the road marked to "axford", pass "witcha" and "whittonditch works", ignore the signs to "marridge hill" and "baydon manor" before arriving in the village of "aldbourne"

                Just where the hell do some of these names come from?


                PS - that's all in about a 5 or 6 mile stretch of road !!!


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                  I cant think of anything too amusing around here although there is a road a bit south of here known as the Pig Root, maybe it was originally Pig Route.
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                    I was pleased when the powers that be, officially naming all roads for 911 access didn't bow to political correctness or snobbery - Possum Holler Road, Agency Missouri.


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                      Precision takes time.


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                        There's a place around me where a house got half-destroyed by a tree that fell during a hurricane. They lived in a trailer for more than a year while it got fixed. They have since renamed their private road 'Falling Oaks Dr.'

                        I have seen the point where Street Avenue intersects with Avenue Street.

                        I thought I grew up in a small town, but I once sent a few parts I sold on eBay to some little town or another (in Arkansas, I think) with the address on 'The Road.'


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                          Don't know how these will measure up, but there is Over the Top Rd. in Holland Ma, and a longstanding joke Podunk Pike in East Brookfield.


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                            Pennsylvania favorites

                            How about the town of "Intercourse"
                            and we have "Blue Balls" and "Bird in Hand"on the road to "Paradise".


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                              Another PA location, "Potliker Flats", along 322 between Lewistown
                              and State College.


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                                One of the key battles, late in our Revolutionary war, was at a place called Cowpens, in SC. From what I've been able to learn, it was just an area where the locals would gather together their livestock ...for sale, or further shipment, or some such - maybe just grazing. Always wanted to go there. Ol' Daniel Morgan gave Bloody Banistare Tarleton a whupping there with a very brilliant use of his inferior forces and the natural topography.

                                South of here, in Alabama, there's an area known as "Horsepens 40," which as far as I know is simply an area, not a community. Never really been there myself. I think it also relates to the revolutionary war era, ...or maybe it's the civil war.

                                In my readings of the Civil War, particularly the campaigns in Virginia and the Shenandoah area, I've seen a lot of unusual (to me) names. Seems like the word "courthouse" was included often, which apparently had a different connotation back in those days, than now.
                                Lynn (Huntsville, AL)