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how to tell pancake motor power rating?

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    Originally posted by lakeside53
    It's 746 (rounded up) watts to a HP, BUT.... current is the limiting factor in a vfd. A VFD is output rated for a typical motor and has startup overload capacity so you don't need to sweat what goes into the rating.

    Many BP motors are inefficient and can generate more than their rated hp. It can pay to over-rate the VFD. For example, 2hp BP motors really need a 3hp vfd if you want rapid acceleration and deceleration times.

    In your case with the pancake motor, a 1hp vfd will do, but you can always go bigger and program in your current limits. If you want braking ( I can't live without it), make sure you get a vfd with and internal braking function - one where the simple addition of an external power resistor is possible. If you use braking, you can't use the J-head brake without tripping the vfd. I never use mine...
    i stand corrected and educated, thanks, spose a bit over never hurts!