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    Originally posted by brian Rupnow
    None right now. I finish everything I start. Wife says I'm obsesive compulsive, and she may well be correct. It drives me totally bat$hit to have semi finished projects hanging around.

    You wanna come to my house for awhile?


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      I just went on a cleansing spree in my shop & yard, If I hadn't used or worked on it in 2-3 yr. it went away!
      Found good homes for the boat (Bring Out Another Thousand) and a 66' beatle (too much body rust and the wife wouldn't let me make it a dune buggy, it was in her name.)
      At least I have some room in my shop now!
      Still on the list:
      Finish the rebuild on the QC gearbox for for my Rockwell 10x36 - should be done in the next couple weeks (anyone know of an outfit that stocks 7/16" keyed shafting?)
      Knock out and widen the doorway between the two halves of my shop.
      (some ding dong only put in a 30" man door, I want at least 4 - 5 ft')
      Get a mill.
      Finish building a lift crane for my 1ton truck.
      Get a mill.
      Upgrade the house internet to wireless so I can have internet service in the shop.
      Get a mill.
      Get 3 phase installed to the shop (It's only 1/2 block away, but probably never gonna happen)
      Get A mill.
      Install a concrete/brick patio in the back yard.
      Get A Mill.
      Install a pitched roof on the shop. (who in their right mind would put a flat roof on a building in Washington state?)
      GET A MILL!
      I cut it twice, and it's still too short!


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        I always have too many project but I have finally learned not to streatch myself too thin because nothing gets finished. Now I spend all my time doing research on pulse jet engines. I have built a lot of different engines for testing I have finally gotten them profected. I have made my own design formulas I can design any size engine and it runs first time. I keep building them larger and larger I hope to build a full size German V1 engine with my design improvements within the next 3 years.


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          Well, I have so many projects that I wrote a web-accessible database to track them. It has a list of jobs, including dependencies, for each project and it can also analyse past project performance to calculate projected completion for everything in the list. Last time I checked, I had 3 years 232 days worth of work to complete my existing project ideas, assuming I work through the list at the same rate I've been doing for the last few years, and I don't have any more ideas.

          Of course, I'm now in the middle of the "rebuild the web server" project, so I have no idea what I'm doing.

          My biggest problem is the huge stack of junk I have. Most of it is stuff I've collected for these projects, projects that I'll probably, in all honesty, never do. But, I keep that junk... even though it's in the way of all the other projects I want to do, but probably won't - mostly because they're buried under junk...