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1/2" bronze plate got sawed up today.

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  • 1/2" bronze plate got sawed up today.

    Using the Milwaukee metal cutting saw I bought used from Ebay,and a new blade,we got the 4' x 8' x 1/2" bronze plate cut into 6 pieces that are 1' x 4'. I left 1 piece 2' x 4' in case a larger piece is needed.

    Chris Vesper,the toolmaker from Australia,has been staying here all week,and was a very big help,as my knee has gone bad this last month.

    The smaller pieces weigh about 100#,and are manageable to get them up onto the Roll In bandsaw.

    This is something I have wanted to get done for a long time.

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    Well done! sorry bout the knee, hope the swarf didnt sting too much!


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      What, no pictures of the awsome cut it left? or all the swaff?
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        What are you making with it?


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          This is a Milwaukee 6370, correct?

          How did it perform relative to the directions in the manual regarding cycle
          times for material thicknesses beyond 1/4" ?

          From pg.10 of the Owner's Manual
          The following are duty cycles to be followed by subsequent
          cool down intervals of 60 minutes switched off (or 6 minutes
          of no-load operation).
          Cap ..... Max Dur ... Max Leng ... Feed Rate (Sec / Inch)
          3/8" ... 30 - 40 sec ... 15" ...... 2 - 3
          1/2" ... 18 - 36 sec .... 9" ....... 2 - 4
          5/8" ... 18 - 30 sec .... 6" ....... 3 - 5
          3/4" ... 20 - 25 sec .... 5" ....... 4 - 5

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            It took about 5 minutes of total actual cutting time to make each 4' cut. We let the saw cool down and made knurls while waiting for the saw to cool.

            I am not doing anything with the bronze yet,as I am pretty out of it with my knee. Just wanted to get it into manageable size pieces so it COULD be used later on.

            The saw performed fine. I had bought a new 42 tooth blade for it. The blade still seems fine after the cutting.
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              Originally posted by gwilson
              It took about 5 minutes of total actual cutting time to make each 4' cut.

              The saw performed fine.
              That is a bit more aggressive than the rate suggested in the manual for 1/2".
              Sounds like the saw performed well and withstood the heat buildup, nonetheless.

              Thanks for the follow-up. Here is hoping that you enjoy better mobility and
              comfort soon.



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                Those saws are surprisingly good. Our firm has two guys use two of them to dismantle a large steel chimnea recently. Our fellow went to make a demonstration and when he got this small hand-held circular saw out of the boot of his car he got a lot of mocking and derisory remarks from the assembly - until he ran it along a 15mm thick plate with little effort.
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