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  • cincinatti horizonal help

    My cinel 60 horizontal mill,same as a #2 kinda...

    I was running it and using the long lever that controls spindle.The lever quit working after I stopped the spindle.It feels free like there is no resistance on handle. It wont do anything now...I shifted gears and I hear that working. It feels like the switch stuck since there is no feel. Anyone have any experience like this and some advice?

    I hate to tear the side panel off if there is an easy fix..Thanks Jim.

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    Doesn't that lever control the drive clutch?Maybe it dropped a pin in the linkage?
    I just need one more tool,just one!


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      Yes it does...looks like ill need to disassemble it..


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        Don't know about your model, but the Cincinnati's I've worked on had hydraulic actuation. How's your oil pressure and level? The manual should be a big help, here.


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          Just took a look at mine and I think Wierd has to be right. The side panel has to come off and it's probably (hopefully) something simple like a sheared pin. I have never had that part of mine apart, so can't offer any useful advice. The probable good news is that everything I have had to fix on that machine was relatively simple and straightforward.
          Location: North Central Texas


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            All repaired..had a pin sheared.had to remove the side panel.boy that was a heavy chunk! I think it has been broke for a while.probably pre my possession .. -