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Anybody have experiance with the Shars Adujstable Universal Chucks?

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    Hey Guys,

    A couple of years ago I was whining about how the three jaw Chinese crap chuck that I got with my lathe had a TIR of .003-.006 (or so). That turned out to be a good thread for me for a couple of reasons. First I began to realize that a three jaw scroll chuck was never meant to be a precision chuck and yet it still has a place in the shop. Also that the .003 - .005 TIR repeatability that my chuck was capable of really isn't so bad after all as 3 jaw chucks go.

    More importantly, I was encouraged by Mr. Addy to get my 4 jaw independent chuck out and learn how to use it. He even gave me some targets with which to gauge my competence with the chuck. Now, in usually less than a minute, I can dial in a work piece to less than .001 runout. (Thank you Forrest and others that offered hints on how to do this.)

    JC, in truth, mine is just a hobby shop. I really don't "need" an adjustable 3 jaw chuck. The ugly truth is: I want one.

    Jeff from tools4cheap called me back this afternoon and said that his supplier had the Fuerda chuck in stock, but they didn't know about the backing plate yet. He promised to call me back tomorrow with an update. If fortune smiles upon me and I am able to get the Fuerda chuck, I promise to write a short review for you.

    Regards to all,



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      Originally posted by danlb
      A vice adds an extra opportunity for mis-alignment and flex, but is much quicker than clamping the work to the table.

      The 3 jaw chuck is quick and easy, but not terribly precise.

      If you consider that the most solid mount is the best, then the other techniques are cheating.

      That's my take on it anyway. I could be wrong.

      Dan, I am not sure I would call it cheating, maybe just trading some precision for speed. This is something that almost any machinist must do to survive in this competitive world. Some jobs don't require the highest levels of precision.



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        Well crap, Jeff from tools4cheap just called and the back plates for the adjustable chuck I want isn't going to be available for a couple of months. I guess what I'll do is get a plain backing plate and modify it to work with the adjustable chuck.

        I was hoping I could just bolt up the chuck and go to work. Oh well




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          I bought a plain backplate from tools4cheap. The one thing is that its not thick enough to get the "adjust ring" but I had planned on bolting a ring onto it and it looks like it will work, but I hadn't gotten to that stage yet as I bought a different lathe with different spindle! Your spindle and size of chuck will dictate if you can fit a bolt on ring onto the backplate.

          I think Grizzly has some thick backplates, its worth checking them.



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            I went ahead and ordered the 8" adjustable chuck and a D1-4 plain adapter plate. After talking with Jeff about it, I also have decided to mount a locating ring to the front of the chuck adapter. Best I can tell, the ring protrudes into the back of the chuck about .750". I am considering cutting a shallow (.125") recess into the front face of the adapter for the locating ring to ride in, then securing the ring to the adapter with 3-1/4"X3/4" flat counter sunk screws.

            I checked Grizzly, seems that they are out of the back plates I need too. Also, I did not see a D1-4 back plate for an 8" chuck. I could have missed it though.

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