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Need some help..want to make a flashlight

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  • Need some help..want to make a flashlight

    Evan and the rest of you who have made a flashlight....

    I would like to make a flashlight for my bike. An example of a decent one that I know of is here:

    Given what I have seen on here, I am pretty sure I could make one.

    What I do not know, or understand, is the guts of the light. I assume that Deal Extreme would have the parts, but I dont know how to go about selecting the correct parts.

    Can somone put together a shopping list for me?

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    check this out;


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      DX has a wide range of regulated modules. They are the easiest to use since no external electronics are required. Just hook up a battery of the required minimum voltage with a switch and some sort of heatsinking for the module. Keep the voltage close to the minimum to minimize heat and increase efficiency. Pay attention to the available modes since some modules have as many as 5 or more operating modes. While they are trick you don't want to be fussing with the switch to reach the full power setting while riding. Stick with either a single mode or maybe 3 mode unit at most. You also might want to put a lens on the module to prevent blinding oncoming traffic. It will also provide much increased range. DX sells a full range of lenses.
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      • #4 has a diy bike light section


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          The grand daddy of them all is They have a section for DIY lights as well as for those you can buy.

          There you will learn why heatsinking is needed for LED lights, and why a big hunk of metal is not enough all by itself if you want long life and peak output.

          You will also learn the basics of determining how long it will run using a given battery configuration. There are guys who have set up whole web sites just to tell you that battery X in light Y will last Z hours.

          And, of course, there is a machinging sub-forum that is only visible to registered members.

          Good luck.

          At the end of the project, there is a profound difference between spare parts and left over parts.

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            These are cool....


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              I've made a couple lights for my own use, but these days I find it easier to start with a hot wire (incandescent) flashlight and modify it for LEDs.

              Home Depot was selling a package of 3 aluminum LED flashlights for $10. I started with those, replaced the useless T1 3/4 LEDs with high efficiency 1W LEDs and it's much brighter for only about an hour's work or so. 95% of the work was already done for me!

              I second the suggestion to go over to and get a free account. There are DIY forums and a forum dedicated to machining. The people are helpful and friendly and you will see many designs for bike lights.


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                How about this 100,000. lumen head light.