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    I'm wanting to put a power feed on my Clausing 8520 mill. Searching the forum here, I see the Servo 140 will work with minor mods, but prices seem to run in the $650 range.
    Does anyone know if the power feed on the G3103 mill (part # P3103145) is compatible with a Clausing 8520 mill ???
    I've E-mailed Grizzly, but still waiting on a reply.
    Given the simalarities of the two mills, I couldn't help but wonder.

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    The Grizzly unit is probably not directly compatible with the Clausing mill, but can probably be adapted.

    The various chicom clones of the Servo power feeds can be adapted in the same manner as the Servo units. There are some minor differences in the units, but the basic configuration and modifications are the same. These powerfeeds are branded Align or other in house names. This is CDCO's offering, which I installed on my Rockwell milling machine;
    Jim H.


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      My mill came with a X power feed but I bought the Y and Z axis from these guys below.
      They don't have the others listed at the moment but they do have the 135 X, 150 X, 150 Y and the one listed which is the 150 Z axis. The 135 is around $200 and the 150 X is around $220 from memory, just send them an email and they will give you a price.

      They have been running fine on my mill for 4 - 5 years with no problems. I was like you and was worried about how good they would be but they have held up. How they compare to the Servos I don't know as I have never owned one. The kits come with everything needed to fit them including shims etc just like the Servo brand do.
      I had to make a extension shaft and a new collar to fit it to my Y axis, but it was pretty simple to do if you have a mill and lathe.



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        We bought a chinese power feed for the mill at work like the Grizz one. POS. Didnt last long. Bough a Servo and it is so much nicer.