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10" Lewis Shaper help

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  • 10" Lewis Shaper help

    My recent acquisition of a 10" Lewis shaper has brought up some questions that I'm hoping I can get answered. The shaper has some zerk fittings on many of the shafts and bushings on the screws. I can tell that grease has been used in the past but I've always found that not to be normal practice with machine tools so would like to find out if instead I should be using a spindle or way oil. Opinions appreciated.

    Not that you can see the zerks but here are a couple pictures of the shaper.

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    As you said, a lot of machine tools used zerk fittings for oil application. You can adapt a grease gun to shoot oil instead of grease and I would use something like that and way oil on the shaper.


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      Given that Lewis machines were built from kits, each is a portrait of its builder. I don't have a problem with grease on slow moving parts like leadscrew bearings, but slides and leadscrews need oil. I like those drip oilers on the ram.



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        Nice acquisition. I have a 7" south bend I'm restoring.
        What dose your book say or have you been on Kay Fishers shaper sight.
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          Click on over to the following pages:


          Errol Groff

          New England Model Engineering Society

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