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  • I would like to buy???

    A cheap to reasonably good diamond wheel dresser I have three two pointed ones which are (though not too cheap to buy) not very good.I fixed a handle to one which I made with knurling and all only to have the miniscule diamond fall out.I knocked it back in but it will be lost eventually .I have a flat/rectangular one too about 1.3/4 long which is better there are dozens on ebay does anyone know which is a good deal? Alistair
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease

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    Alistair i am completely unable to visualize your problem. Could you post pics? Here are some questions:
    1. Diamond dressers don't usually have handles. They are rigidly mounted.
    2. If your diamond falls out it needs to be reset. It may have gotten too hot and may be damaged. There is a fairly recent thread on PM about this.
    3. " I have three two pointed ones " Diamond dressers are usually single point or cluster. Pics would help


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      The ones I am talking about are just hand held if you wish to look up ebay you will find lots of them for hand dressing the grinding wheels flat at the front getting rid of grooves etc . heres what I mean.Thanks Alistair

      Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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        Alistair i have the first pictured one shaped like a "T".

        Only used it a couple of times, but it seems to work fine, though appears to clog at times.

        Many people have seen it and at first they think it,s my shaving razor.


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          If you are going to do this by hand then the cluster will be better.Normally one does not take off more than .001-.002 at a pass , especially with the single point diamond. It would not be possible to control that depth by hand. That is why you single diamond has come loose- the heat has melted the metal that it is set in.
          I would deal with an established supply house. Might cost a little more but they will likely stand behind their wares. Second choice would be someone with impeccable e bay record.


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            Yes will do thank's guys. regards Alistair
            Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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              My £20 Hilka bench grinder (nice quiet torquey motor, poor wheel mounting hardware) came with a pair of cheap chinese wheels. I put on a pair of quality wheels, boke the old wheels into halves and use these to dress the new wheels.
              Paul Compton