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12x36 lathe at scrap yard anyone live near Murfreesboro TN?

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  • 12x36 lathe at scrap yard anyone live near Murfreesboro TN?

    There is a fairly nice looking 12"x36" lathe at the scrap yard price is 25 cents per lb. It has cast iron stand with 4 legs. It is a flat belt drive machine but it should work fine with an electric motor with a double V belt pully and 2 belts. Its a little old and dirty but nothing broken and it all seems to work fine. It probably weighs 500 lbs so that would cost you $125.

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    I've got a sister in Murfreesboro. I'm 3 hours West of there. I REALLY don't need another project, BUT..... It might be a nice time to go visit Sis...

    Any more info? Brand, make or model, I bet pics are out of the question.

    You can post here or PM me with info or location.


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      A little more information

      I was at same scrap yard this morning and got a little more information and photos but do not have a photobucket account and this site does not provide for attachements. I can send photos if you provide pm with an email address.

      There are two lathes at the yard. The flat belt drive one that Gary mentioned is a Brown and Sharpe No 2 turret and appears to be about a 12" swing. It has a heavy cast iron chip pan and legs. There was no tooling with the B&S machine. The lathe proper is currently removed from the stand and setting on ground. The B&S appears to have been outdoors for some time. The other lathe is a Bradford 12-14 with quick change gearbox, two chucks, and extra chuck jaws. I am not familiar with the 12-14 designation but assume it means 12" over the carriage and 14" over the bed ways. The Bradford looks like it just came out of production but has some surface rust from recent rain.

      Regards, Benny