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  • OT (sort of)-cool webcam software

    Maybe not 100% off topic, as some here may use this to measure stuff or whatever, but in any case this looks pretty cool. With the diverse interests found here I figured some of you guys might be interested. Called "Webcam laboratory" there is more info here:

    I have just downloaded the trial but not messed with it much. Looks to have a lot of interesting functionality for under 40 bucks. Not so much for ultra precise measuring I'd suppose, and limited by the webcam, but there might be lots of useful and fun stuff that could be done with this. Would work with a USB microscope as well for some things i think.

    In addition to measuring, it does time lapse, motion activated recording and other interesting things. The "universal logger" function is pretty clever, in my opinion. Those of us with young kids will find lots of ways to use this I'd think.

    Just thought some might be interested, all standard disclaimers apply: No connection, not sold by my bother-in-law, nothing in it for me, not even a customer at this point, do not point at the sun, blah, blah, blah...

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    Here is some excellent software to do the same thing. It's free.
    Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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      Another free piece of microscopy software is MicroManager. Supports a lot of cameras including a lot of very high end ones and dSLRs. Webcams should work through WDM drivers.


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        Thanks, Evan, I have used MICAM a fair bit, it is quite good for the calibration and measuring stuff and not difficult to use. And I like free.

        I am not familiar with MicroManager, have to check that out. Thanks.

        I thought the other functions, like the time-lapse, motion detection, kinematic and path detection functions were quite interesting and different. Not so useful for machinist stuff, but interesting nonetheless. The data logger thing seems an interesting approach, aim the camera at a gauge and you can teach it to "read the dial" and log data. Pretty neat, assuming that it works as advertised.