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    Generaly Chinese kit has its share of bad press, today in an act of desperation [fed up of angle grinding and a bit low on oxy] i purchased a rebar cutter made in China from fleabay, the price was £55, dirt cheap as it were so i was unsure of what i was going to get to say the least!.
    I couldent have been more wrong, the thing was rated to 16mm bar, first test was just that, it snipped it of like a carrot in a cycle time of 1/2 second with little noise and no effort boy was i taken aback to say the least. the last one i used was japanese and twice the weight [this one was 8kg] awkward and bloody noisy!
    I just goes to show sometimes its worth taking a chance!
    the rebar for a 16 foot wall foundation was cut and bent in about 4 hours with little fuss and no swat or sparks [box cage and hook bar construction]
    must have done hundreds of cuts and it didnt get hot
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    He might have seen your post as they are now £79.99



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      So now we have to have a motorized tool to cut re-bar. I have had a set of bolt/re-bar cutters (A.K.A. "universal padlock key") for over 20 years. Strictly manually operated. One quick and EASY snip and it is done. No electric cords, no time to plug in, and probably a lot lighter. And yes, I bought them to cut re-bar; 1/2" or 5/8" IIRC. They also make quick work of padlocks unless the shank is hardened. I think I paid about $12 or $15 back then and I can't imagine they cost a lot more now. ..... Yes, a quick search found a pair for $22 at Home Depot: no doubt an import.

      What's the current exchange rate between dollars and pounds?

      I would really have to have a lot of re-bar to cut for that much more.
      Paul A.
      SE Texas

      And if you look REAL close at an analog signal,
      You will find that it has discrete steps.


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        Now? Electric rebar cutters have been around for a long, long time and in all sized. Saw one that cut entire bundles at a time.


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          Originally posted by Davo J
          He might have seen your post as they are now £79.99

          yes thats not the one i bought, its the same one with a different price but when i looked at ebay the guy selling them had mysteriously disappeared!
          itl find a use cutting bars for gates too! tales square too


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            Originally posted by Paul Alciatore
            So now we have to have a motorized tool to cut re-bar. .
            Now get off my lawn so I can get back to running my treadle lathe!