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O/T Airshow incident

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    Yeah - and he mentioned Rally driving and it has to be the #1 insane spectator risk there is,
    I still can't believe it every time I see it - and it's generally the euro's --- and its like they leave the little straights alone and line the turns as if they want to become human guard rails --- not the inside turns mind you --- they are ten fold deep on the outside turn with a car that shutting down from the triple digits and then tossing it into such a radical 4 wheel drift that it's about out of steering radius ------- then when one goes off and you see about thirty people get tossed into the air like rag dolls the ones that lucked out have a look like "how could this have happened" on their face totally crazy.

    Occasionally I watch a local event that's in an area of one of my training rides on my mt. bike - I don't mean to get in for free, it just happens cuz It intersects a trail that I ride and if I happen to be riding the same day as the race I do like to watch them --- but I watch from on top of a 20 foot hill directly above them on an inside turn ---- much more interesting view then the back of somebody's head and far more safer...
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