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Metal Working Technology Transfer - Dearth of Used Books

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    This site will search and compare prices with sites in a number of countries Most of the ones that have been listed you can choose which ones you want to search.
    Been there, probably broke it, doing that!
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      Originally posted by Greg Q

      I still go to Detroit every year or so, but I always leave depressed.

      I feel the same way with London, to be honest I'm rather ashamed at the city seeing as it's our capital.

      It's got so as it's the melting pot of the world, good game to play is spot the Englishman

      A visor comes to London, flies in and when he come to move on if he travels by train all the car breakers yards are located on old sidings that back up onto the railway so all a visitor to England sees are these breakers yards, crappy industrial low rent units all the way.

      Those green fields you see in the British rail advert are just a 3 mile stretch in the Derbyshire peak district before it drops down into coal tips of the past industrial North.

      Sorry am I putting anyone off from visiting ?

      Plus side is you can still buy a Bridgy for under £600


      Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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        Originally posted by EddyCurr
        With a day to myself, I visited some local bookshops yesterday
        in search of technical books related to the metal trades. It
        was not a productive outing.

        I usually check out Abe Books, they are world wide clearing house for used books.
        I recently got a box of 5 books on Autocad for ~$20.00.
        It may be worth a look.


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          I've quit looking for such books a year or so ago, but I had no problem finding them. Best source was the annual "Friends of the Library" book sale. Hardbacks were 25 cents. Machining textbooks were plentiful, so I got one of each. I probably have 10 different actual textbooks, plus some Audels and various others.
          I even got a couple of mint Hollanders interchange manuals. You car guys know what those are worth. $.25 each.
          Used bookstores off the beaten path seemed real good also. Passing through a small town I'd always stop at the used bookstores for a quick look. Almost always found something useful.