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O.T. How to deal with difficult people at work

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    Tip the contents of the collection bag over him and say 'If you like the dust that much you might as well have the rest of it'.
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      Not easy... I mean, he doesn't like the noise, you don't like the dust. He can wear plugs, you can wear a mask. Not going to be an easy fight. But, if the dust collector is so noisy you need earplugs... maybe everyone in the shop can agree to fix THAT problem... you know, make it quieter so the argument goes away? I mean... the dust extractor is the thing in the shop people think is too loud??

      If management won't pay for that... well, you're the odd man out. I suggest you wear a mask. But, I'd make it a big cumbersome mask and while I worked with it I'd go r-e-a-l s-l-o-w. When said boss complained about how long a job took you to do, just say the dust mask slows you down. When he asks why you're wearing the dust mask... well, point to the guy that won't use the dust extractor. Maybe remind him that you've already had a conversation with him about this safety issue but he did nothing. It might drive the point home.

      Though, better yet, get the entire floor wearing dust masks. Fights between employees will make a manager's eyes roll. A room full of employees agreeing to fight management is a whole different level. At that level, money they say doesn't exist can magically appear to fix the problem.

      Fights with management are well documented other places, so I won't bother.


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        If someone else is using the machinery, ask them to turn the collector on and if they refuse, wear a personal respirator, if you are using the machinery and after switching the collecter on, he switches it off, you are at liberty to smash his fingers with a FBH for endangering your personal safety. In every industrial enviroment, it's your own responsibility to ensure your own personal safety.

        Regards Ian.

        And oh yes, whenever a "Gang" get together to enforce something, you'll need a giant dust collector to find you're stood on your own.

        Nearly forgot, ask the management to supply your personal safety equipment and point to the self contained power type.
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          Originally posted by gwilson
          Check the parking lot for cameras and slash his tires,put nails under them,etc.. Report to the IRS anonymously that the guy is making unreported extra income,selling stuff for cash. A million ways to make his life unbearable. He's an ass for not turning on the collector and he's pooping in your face.
          And how will that make him use the dust collector ?
          All he'll know is that someone has it in for him but about what ? Could be anything.

          Best course of action is to approach management, state your case and ask THEM to wire the two items in parallel.
          This way it's their decision and their problem if it gets tampered with.

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            Originally posted by gwilson
            Isn't the dust getting onto the machinery,too? Aren't the bosses concerned about AT LEAST not needlessly wearing out their machinery? Sounds like they haven't thought about that,or it wasn't their money that bought them.

            Check the parking lot for cameras and slash his tires,put nails under them,etc.. Report to the IRS anonymously that the guy is making unreported extra income,selling stuff for cash. A million ways to make his life unbearable. He's an ass for not turning on the collector and he's pooping in your face.
            Why are you inciting such cowardly & criminal behavior ??????????
            it maybe the way you run your life, but please don't sugest others sink down to your level.

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              Very interesting to see the different approaches to "conflict management", LOL


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                If I had a problem with my own safety caused by another employee I would go to management and tell them to fix the problem and let me know when it is fixed so I can come back to work. But I never had a job so maybe I am over simplifying. I think you all are over intelectualizing the situation. There is a reason the dust extractor is there. It is managements job to insure the safety of the workers. Period.
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                  Have the dust collector wired to the surface grinders power switch. Turn the grinder one and the collector comes on. It will drive him nuts!


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                    I like the wiring solution but if you do that you've stepped over the line unless you are an electrician and management has agreed with it.

                    Who is your Health and Safety rep on the floor?
                    That person should be dealing with this.

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                      Tony- I think he doesn't like the dust collector because it makes noise. Earplugs are provided, and it is tolerable.
                      Most people are reasonable at some level. I'd ask him what kind of hearing protection he needs in order to be comfortable.

                      My son doesn't like some types of shooting earplugs because they hurt his ear canals. Maybe this guy is the same way - maybe earplugs hurt him.


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                        I like your approach Tony, sometimes that's all it takes to de-fuse a situation,

                        If he doesn't go for that then let things take their course --- so you have to protect yourself a little - It's worth it don't you think? if you have too - just think what he's sucking up...

                        Then five years down the road when the bossman has to order new equipment and he asks why tell him about all the abrasive the dust it had to live in and grin...

                        ten years down the road when your "buddy" is in the hospital suffering from COPD send him some flowers and a mask with a little note that says "I know it's a little late for this but it's the thought that counts"

                        Revenge is a dish best served cold my friend

                        people cook their own goose - if their intent on doing that then why would you want to interfere with the oven temperature? just stand back a little and watch... like Willy Wonka said just before that fat kid fell into the river of chocolate --- in a very mild whisper that you could barely hear he said " no --- wait ---- stop " almost as if he was taking pleasure in it


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                          Document every time you talk to the co-worker or management with a concern regarding the dust collector. Let management know that you intend to go to the governmental safety people with your concerns if management won't deal with the co-worker.

                          Talk is just talk until you start to document things. Management will not like the idea of the government coming in to investigate.

                          I am also pretty sure you won't be fired for trying to induce safety into your workplace.

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                            If the idiot turns the dust collector off, turn the grinder off. Plain and simple and when asked why did you do that, say that the grinder will not be used without the dust collector. If the idiot still cotinues his behaviour, talk with your boss and say that either the dust collector is fixed to stay on while the grinder is on or the guys attitude is fixed - whatever the solution, say you'll be back at work after the problem has been solved. At least in here the law is on the workers side if the job presents a health hazard like described.

                            At my work place there is one persistent m/f'er (age 55, does CNC milling) that doesn't listen to advices/instructions and when he decides that he is right then he is right, no matter how much it would be against the laws of nature, common sense or anything. And yes, as he has time to wander around while his machine is running, he will come to advice/talk about anything that you are doing or not doing or someone else is doing. And yes, not in a single instant has he been really right.

                            Our solution to the above person? Totally ignore him and hope that he will quit or get to a pension soon.
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                              isaac has a great idea.

                              The "I don't care" statement is all you need to know, he's a workplace bully and/or psychopath. Book - "The psychopath next door"

                              This guy may be looking for a fight. I would document, document, document and get him fired as quickly and easily as you can.
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                                It sounds like a problem I had once. I cut the plug off of the grinder and hard wired it in with the dust collector. The dust collecter HAD to be ON for the grinder to work.