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O.T. How to deal with difficult people at work

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    To the OP.
    I had to wait until my Psycho co-worker retired......whoooooeeeee what a day!
    The only thing I can say is keep yourself safe,document everything and make it clear to your supervisor that you inted to do both of the above.Also make sure you follow all the company safety policys so the offender cannot come back at you.

    I better get this posted quick before it gets locked.Sounds like cabin fever has set in early......bickering like an old married couple just to have something to do.
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      Have you just tried sitting down with the person and having a non-confrontational conversation? Explain that the dust is hard for you, that it worsens your lung condition, that it irritates your eyes, whatever. Sometimes if you do something like this in the break room, as a one on one, it will be seen by other coworkers and you can gain their respect and in the long term they can help to pressure this guy as well. Try asking the other guy how we can make this situation better. If the noise of the vaccum bugs him that is easily solveable as mentioned previously. If the guy is a disagreeable ass just because it's his nature, his coworkers may see him as one also and slowly rally to help you. You can also slowly start to win over the hearts and minds of the others in the shop. Bring in donuts, give them a hand with setps, help them pick something up, give some advice when it seems appropriate. Be the good guy, not the whiner. Not many like a whiner or stand behind one. Peer pressure can work interesting leverage over time. If you don't have the time or patience for this then you can just go to war. The problem with war is someone looses. Could be him, could be you.


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        Let's not forget that we are dealing with grinding dust here, not some guy who plays country music or rush limb. and is just annoying.

        I have posted this here before but here we go again. I spent several years near the end of my 28+ year tour in tool and die running all types of grinding equipment. The one thing I would not do is grind without ventilation.

        I asked one of my co-workers if he thought the cancer rate was higher among our grinding department than other trades. He told me "the grinders all died of cancer". We started naming names of the cancer deaths in the grinding dept. and quit counting at something over a dozen.

        OSHA, act of congress, whatever. THIS $HIT CAN AND WILL KILL YOU.






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          It sounds like this guy is a real waste, if the noise from the dist collector bothers him, he should wear ear plugs. He does not have the right to put other peoples health and safety at risk.

          Using your own PPE (dust mask, respirator, or whatever is required) would be the easiest option to start with.

          Where I work, safety is a big thing, not following all the safety rules will get you fired fast. Is there and HR department there? If a supervisor is unwilling to deal with the problem can you take your issue to HR?

          I would also note that you are legally protected against discrimination for contacting OSHA, which really just means you can sue them if they fire you for doing so. but that doesn't mean they can't move you higher up on the list to go in the event of a layoff or something, or any number of other BS moves, OSHA will also keep you anonymous if you request it.

          good luck
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            Grinders in the old days (18th.C.) were paid higher wages for their hazardous work,because it was known that they would all die young.

            Needle grinders died of "pointer's rot".

            And these guys were not even grinding with modern high speed equipment. Just slow turning stones.


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              If he's putting yours and others life in danger then the gloves come off - he's making you inhale stuff that will eventually kill you - so --- look into his car and make sure his cab recirculation button is off,

              then - when he goes to drive home pull in front of him and then mash the accelerator in the lowest gear possible for the speed to get the maximum amount of CFM going through the exhaust system --- imagine his surprise a few hours later when he finds out youv loaded up your muffler with anthrax

              ----------------------------------------- wait for it


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                A.K.!!!!! HOW COULD you be SO barbaric? I am shaken to the core!!


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                  Thanks for the replies, I have a lot to work with here. I won't be doing anything harsh, just looking for a reasonable way to solve the issue without causing further problems. I will work someplace else if I can't reason with the bosses, but with the information and points you guys have provided me with, I don't think it will be a problem by not involving OSHA.
                  I follow safety rules and keep my workspace clean. I do have a respirator and make use of it anytime I'm using abrasives.


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                    So he's tucked away in the lower left hand corner and hard as hell to see - he's still there smiling away and there's zero editing so he's been there all along,,, knuck knuck knuck...


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                      All the crazy responses here amaze me! People have the guts to go knock someone out with a baseball bat, but not enough to stand up for what they believe, LOL

                      I honestly am seriously irritated at folks who cant follow rules, Or call those who like to adhere to them "Whiners". Honestly...If you don't agree with rules, petition to have them changed...Don't just break them? It makes about as much sense to me as people who know there is a 4MPH margin on the speed limit so they drive 4MPH over it? If you think it needs to be higher write your congressman or something. Its like saying its ok to steal as long as it is less than $1 .

                      As to the OP...You are definitely afforded multiple protections as a "whistle-blower" if you report it. I would definitely go to the upper management, OSHA, ..The company that writes the insurance policy for the shop, etc. Think about it..You are paid less because Insurance has to pay more health claims because someone doesn't want to follow established REQUIRED BY LAW rules. When this guy gets cancer it is going to come out of YOUR pocket one way or another? If something happens at least youll know you didn't live your life in fear. Usually people who don't have the guts to stand up and point out a robber they witnessed are the same that complain the cops do nothing to stop crime. It is no different than the saying "All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to stand idle" We are getting to be living in a world where we have 10,000 rules that no-one follows where we should have 100 that are stricly enforced. Sheesh! ...Todd

                      Am I supposed to use this thing for safety?
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                        We have a coffee pot here at work...

                        Had a fellow who refused to wear masks while grinding also he refused to use the dust collector on the surface-grinders when grinding dry. Nor would he use the dust collector on the softwheel grinders.

                        Now this fellow was always first in line to get a cuppa, and he would stop working just to get a cup then slowly walk back to his station. This is not a bad thing... I do the same on occasion.

                        Sick of the grinder dust everywhere I swept some up into a dustpan... enough to fill a coffee scoop. Put that in the filter with a scoop of coffee-grinds...

                        He took one sip spit the brew out and marched directly into the office. When I was called in I informed them that he used the grinders without a mask or dust collection and the dust was accumulating in the damnedest places.

                        They checked the video... and sure enough he was in fact grinding without a mask or using the dust collector!

                        --somehow though the camera that watched the area with the coffeepot was not working that day seems there was a disconnected wire.

                        He upgraded to a "better shop" shortly thereafter... I'm still here years later.
                        "The Administration does not support blowing up planets." --- Finally some SENSIBLE policy from the Gov!


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                          All grinders make a little wind, plumb the collector pipe around in a circle so when he is grinding the looped pipe that used to go to the dust collector blows in his face while grinding.


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                            Thanks to everyone for your support and advice, things are looking up now. I spoke with the boss and he has taken corrective action by informing everyone about using the dust collector. (verbally and in writing which is posted by the grinders). I thanked him for taking action. The one co-worker thinks I'm a whiner, I don't care, I'm on good terms with everyone else.


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                              I hope this works out .Same kinda thing at my work with the dust collectors & smoke extractors Signs posted and all, boss yells but the fume hoods still go unused most of the time (noisy and in the way is the biggest complaint)..I use them as much as possible because I have been hacking up a lung.1 guy complains about it nobody else cares,management just seems mad about the thousands of dollars of smoke extractors going unused.I like the idea of wiring it up so it turns on with the machine.That sounds like a good alternative if the rule becomes ignored.Second best idea is throwing the bag of grinding dust on this guy


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                                In this day and age we must follow the rules as much as we don,t like too some times but it applies to us all so talk to him,talk to the boss, talk to the union if their is one. Do you have an employment contracts act like we do in NZ I'd be surprised if you didn't, in it the the employer will have to provide a safe environment for you to work in,on pointing that out you should if your complaint is genuine will get an effective response as a law suite would cost more than fixing / replacing the dust extractor as no one wants to go down that road. At the end of the day getting used to wearing dust mask in the work shop is not that hard once you get used to it you don't even notice it we all should do it out of habit it is our old age we must think of. So get in the face of the work shop manager as it is his problem

                                Last resort apply rule 45