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Still awaiting Connelly book, need feedback

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  • Still awaiting Connelly book, need feedback

    Is there anyone else who requested priority shipment of their book who is still awaiting delivery? How long should I wait before giving it up for lost and trying to get reimbursed from insurance? Ken mailed them out at the begining of this month so I'm wondering what to do?


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    I still have one out... It can take 3-4 weeks, as the PO thinks junkmail and advertising brochures are more important to deliver faster. That is why we some times become PO'd.

    -- jr


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      Thanks, glad to know I'm not the only one. Was your's to be sent priority mail though? I was under the impression it would take 3-4 days not weeks. This is the same priority mail as a letter sent priority and not some kind of priority book rate right?



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        You can send just about anything Priority Mail. It should be delivered within three days anywhere in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii. I sent some ebay'ed stuff to both and they were delivered the THIRD day. Better than local mail in most cases.

        If it has been sent PM and you don't have it, it's lost somewhere. Have the sender start a trace. Just for the record, senders have 30 days to ship. Also, YOU don't get reimbursed from insurance--The sender does. Get your money back from the sender and let him worry about the insurance. If it's not delivered to you, it's still the property of the sender.

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          Still not here.. but I expected 3-4 weeks - I did not pay for priority....



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            Ken is waiting to have enough money to meet these two loverly French ladies. So keep those checks coming in.

            I was in the first batch and my book didn't show up. Ken went to bat and sent me another one. And asked if people would send him a dollar to cover his costs of the lost books. I sent him $3 or maybe more.

            If he is still short, I would send him another few dollars. He is trying to do something good for us, these chances and opporunities are few and far apart. Appreciate them



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              This is my first posting to the forum, although I have been reading posts regularly since discovering the forum early last year. This is also when I found out about the Machine Reconditionning book offer. I sent money about May last year and have been waiting ever since! Am I the only one still waiting to receive the book or are there any others who have not received the book yet, due to a slow postal service( maybe the book is on a rowing boat on it's way to Australia. I have attempted contacting Ken garver but have not received a reply.


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                My book was in the original order sent to Oz took about 8 - 10 weeks to arrive. If you want to email me offline at [email protected] maybe able to help out.


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                  Hi All,

                  If you have not received your book yet please contact me off line @

                  [email protected]

                  Please include:

                  1) Your name

                  2) Your address that it was sent to.

                  If you changed your adress after you sent in your request include that first address too. I recall a few of you did this.

                  3) Method of payment. US Postal MO., Foreign country MO, type of bank MO, etc.

                  4) Approximate date that your MO was shipped.

                  5) How many books you ordered.

                  6) How you wanted the book shipped.

                  With that information I can start the search procedure(s).

                  Please keep in mind that we had three books go MIA on the first mailing and I personally made good on them at that time. I also told the group that I couln't do that in the future. I'm not a wealthy man.

                  A WHOLE bunch of the truly fine BBS readers sent in $$ to cover the costs of those three lost books I and received about $170.00 out of $200 needed to reorder and ship out the replacement books. (Thank you all very much!) I actually received $$ from readers, who were following this LOOOOONG thread, that DID NOT even order any books. That I thought was remarkeable. I still do! All of this was posted as we went along.

                  I then reminded one and all that I could no longer make good on any books sent without insurance. I believe that it was posted twice. I also sent this information to anyone who wanted a book in the future (this third shipment). As it stands right now I'm about $30 in the hole and have no wish to go deeper. I'm sure that you all understand that.

                  Having said all of that, if there is any way that I can help search out these lost books, I'll do what I can.

                  Regards, Ken