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Jones and Shipman 1014 Cyl Grinder

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  • Jones and Shipman 1014 Cyl Grinder

    Hi Guys
    Does anyone have any idea what a 1014 Jones and Shipman Cylindrical Grinder weighs? I bought one yesterday and need to get it home, we have had one go already, it's definitely too heavy for a one ton table top!
    I hope to try again tomorrow with a two ton trailer.

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    Got it home, about 1.8 tons I think! When I lifted it off with my tractor the back wheels were almost airborne! Good thing it is four wheel drive! Everything looks in pretty good condition and is working, something is a bit funny in the table feeds but they do work and shouldn't be a problem to sort out. The table feed speed is adjusted by changing a belt, table ways are hardly worn I am not sure if the table lubrication is by powered pump or the hand pump on the side, I have ordered a manual from Tony @ lathes uk so should know soon enough.
    It is called a Universal Toolroom Grinder and appears to have tool and Cutter grinding capabilities as well? Just not sure about the internal grinding bits and pieces, hopefully the manual will sort this out.


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      I`ve got a 1412 or possibly 1312.They`re a sort of all purpose grinder.
      One drawback with them is that they won`t grind the whole distance between centres.
      I can`t remember changing a belt for the table speed,it`s hydraulic with a throttle valve for speed.
      The workhead speed is a belt change.
      I`ve got a manual somewhere.


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        I think mine might be an earlier model than yours, definitely belt change for the table speed- pre hydraulic I think, I haven't had a lot of time to look at the machine as yet. It does have an indexing setup with a detent in the box of bits and pieces? maybe this goes on the end of the work head spindle for indexing?
        Hopefully the manual will tell me, it will be in the mail from the UK today.