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What were your Worst, Funnest, Craziest Job Interviews???

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  • What were your Worst, Funnest, Craziest Job Interviews???

    When I was in college Job Recruiters would come to school to interview graduating Seniors. Some of those Job Recruiters were jerks with at attitude. I hated it when their first question was, "Why would our company want to hire you?" I learned to say, "Because I wear size 14 shoe." They would look at me like I was crazy then they would say, what does that have to do with the job, then I would bust out laughing. LOL. That was one of the recruiters favorite questions. If you didn't answer the first 2 or 3 questions with good answers the interview was over. I probably should have said something like, I think we will find out in a few minutes if you want to hike me or not.

    When I was in college we were told the best way to move up the ladder and give yourself a raise is, Quit or threaten to quit. We were also told to work 2 to 3 years before changing jobs. When looking for another job I always told the interviewer it was fine to call my boss. When my boss found out I was shopping for a new job I was always offered more money to stay. It always pays to be one of the most valueable employees at work. Its funny how the boss thinks more money will solve the problem od long hours days 7 days a week like you never need any time off or the work conditions suck.

    We were told in college to go to lots of job interviews. Go to interviews even if you don't want to work their it is good practice and practice makes perfect and be sure to ask for a tour of the factory it is educational. When I was young I went to about 50 job interviews every year and it was educational.

    I had changed job a few times and was looking to move on. I went to a job interview and we were talking and I noticed every time I said the word AINT the interviewer would jump like he had just touched an electric fence or stick his finger in the light socket. After about the 6th time I said Aint the interviewer yelled out Aints not a word. I ignored that and kept talking. Pretty soon I said the word Burned or Burnt I don't remember which, the interviewer jerked like he had been struck by lightning and yelled, burnts not a word either. I told him, thats my own word I made it up. So the interviewer told me, you can't make up words you can't do that. So I told him, millions of years ago cave men were pointing and making sounds and all sorts of noises it all turned into words if they can do it I can too. That really got the interviewer all fired up, he started giving me a lecture on the english language. So I said, I must be at the wrong job interview I didn't know this interview was for a job to teach english. Well that make him mad and he said this interview is over. That was fine I had already gotten out of my chair and was headed to the door before he said that. LOL.
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    The interview for my first job in a machine shop was in 1977. A friend of a friend told me the shop he was working in was looking for a helper for one of their toolmakers. He suggested I apply. All I had for transportation at the time was an old Harley Sportster, and I was in the middle of doing the top end on that so I hitch hiked to the shop in a driving rain. I walked in, sopping ass wet and asked to see the foremen, told him I wanted a job.
    Him: "You ever work in a machine shop before?"
    Me: "Nope."
    Him: "You ever been in a machine shop before?"
    Me: "Yep, I visited my buddy down at (another area shop) while he was at work once."
    Him: "When could you start?"
    Me: "Tuesday."
    Him: "What's wrong with Monday?"
    Me: "I gotta go to court."
    Him; "You gonna go to jail?"
    Me: "I hope not."
    Him: "Well damn it, if you don't go to jail I'll see you on Tuesday..."


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      At the university we were interviewing for an administrative assistant (we don't call them secretaries any more). At the end of one candidate's interview, she said, "You'll probably kill me for this, but which job is this, anyway?"



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        Prior to this gig I worked at a copper-tubing plant. They turned all sizes and shapes of copper tubing into expensive scrap... every so often someone would accidentally make good product and parts would get shipped on time. Not very often though!

        Anyway my interview for this place went like this... Mind you I was 23 at the time.

        I'm at home reading a book... phone rings. I answer it.

        "Hello, *name* speaking how can I help you?"

        "Um... *shuffling of papers* do you know anything about acid?"

        "Who is this?"

        "It's uh... nitric acid. Do you know anything about nitric acid?"

        "Is this a joke? WHO is this?"

        "Uh... *papers* I can offer you $11.50 can you start Monday? We supply rubber gloves and all that just show up and say you're here for the acid-tank job."

        "Ok sounds good but WHO IS CALLING?"

        "Oh this is Robert, sorry."

        "Ok Robert... where do I show up Monday?"

        "Country Club road, come in the front door. See you Monday!"


        ...I showed up there Monday mostly out of curiosity. Ran the acid tank for three years. Learned how to work copper products and all kinds of neat things there. Sadly the company was VERY poorly run and we hit a layoff period.

        The job interview for my current gig was MUCH better. Very professional.
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          Just out of college, I was offered a job at a large chemical company. They flew me up , and wined and dined and toured me around for three days. They were floored when I then told them I didn't want the job, because it wasn't the exact one they had promised. I went back home, and
          my friend and I went on a cross country vacation by car , camping most nights to save money. About two weeks into our vacation, I was up in North Dakota and I called home. My dad said that the man from the chemical company had been trying to reach me, and that the job I wanted was in fact now available. They wanted me to start immediately. I told my dad to tell them that I was still on vacation, and I'd be back in two or three weeks. After that, I was going to paint my car, which might take another two weeks. Then, I'd be available.
          I did paint my car, with the chemical company guy calling me nearly every day! I finally did show up for work , and it was a job that lasted over 20 years. Looking back, I was unbelievably arrogant about stalling them , and could well have lost that very good job. But, I was young, with an attitude, as many of us were !
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            I went to school for several years on a co-op program, and I worked as a civilian government employee on a Navy base where they built missiles that went on submarines. I moved around through several departments, and worked with a lot of people.

            I left the program to work for another company for about five years. That company closed up, so I went for an interview with Lockheed, who was the prime contractor at the Navy base where I'd worked. During the five years, many of the Lockheed staff had been rotated back to California, but most of the civilians I'd worked with were still there and had moved up in the organization.

            A Lockheed supervisor came to the lobby to escort me back for the interview. As we walked down the hall, we ran into four people I'd worked with who were now supervisors and managers in the civilian side of the operation. It couldn't have worked out better if it had been carefully planned. Every one of them gave me a warm greeting, and appeared pleased that I might be returning to the base.

            Seeing that I was already well-reguarded by the people I'd be dealing with, the supervisor's attitude immediately became very positive, and the rest of the interview was a piece of cake.
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              I had been on unemployment for about 8 weeks after being laid off from my job as a toolmaker. And I was enjoying my vacation, but my wife wasn't. Early one Monday morning my wife woke me to take a call about a job. I told her to have him call back later, and I went back to sleep. She was furious!

              He called back and I went in for an interview as a tool designer. The manager took me on a factory tour and showed me what would be my first design project. It was for an adjustable gage to measure the correct length of lead wires. He said tolerances were between 1/4 and 1/2 inch, and they had too many rejects. After looking at the assembly process, I saw the reason for all the variation. I told the manager that he didn't need a gage, he needed a different assembly process.

              He offered me the job on the spot, but I turned it down because it paid less that I was making as a toolmaker. We settled on the position of Jr. Manufacturing Engineer, when he found that I was going to night school.

              I retired from that company after nearly 30 years of interesting engineering work.


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                I worked a 3rd shift job as a maintenance machinist when I was about 22 years old. The shift forman asked me during my interview if I'd be willing to learn to weld as I had no experience in it and I said I wanted to learn to weld so badly that I'd be willing to do it on my own time. It never came to that however and I learned stick, heli-arc and gas welding on a broad variety of materials during my three year run with that company.

                After three years there was a massive layoff based on seniority and I was second from the bottom so I was out. The economy was bad at the time as it is now and there wasn't much hiring going on so I decided to take a little vacation if necessary and draw unemployment as I had no family to support. I put in two applications and they both called me in for an interview. One was a dungeon job shop and the other was a beautiful scientific research facility with outrageously interesting work. The second was the job I truly wanted and to hell with the unemployment compensation idea. I went in for the interview but never heard back from them for a month and I figured I had not gotten the job. One evening I got a call from the forman asking if I still wanted the job and I said yes. He told me I had beaten out 88 applicants for the job based upon the fact that I knew how to heli-arc weld.

                If there is a moral to this story it might be: Never pass up the chance to learn something new when the opportunity presents itself. I have worked with this company now for almost 37 years. It turned out to be the best possible job I could have ever hoped for. Unknown to me at the time, agreeing to learn to weld was one of the most important decisions I have ever made in my life.


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                  I went for an interview with a company that made automated photo processing equipment. A lot of electromechanical and microprocessor content. After the usual preliminaries and tests I was shown into the CEO's office.

                  During the course of the interview, CEO took off on a rant about saving firmware files and how he could make life very unpleasant for the employee who failed to save files regularly and risked loseing days of work. (He must have had to deal with the problem recently.)

                  I thought how silly the rant was beginning to sound and thought what's the worst he could do, kill me? The thought was no sooner formed then it came out my mouth! We looked at each other for a silent moment, and I got the job.
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                    Originally posted by gary350
                    Some of those Job Recruiters were jerks with at attitude. I hated it when their first question was, "Why would our company want to hire you?" I learned to say, "Because I wear size 14 shoe." They would look at me like I was crazy .
                    yeah that's telling them! dirty slimy recruiting bastards.

                    I had changed job a few times and was looking to move on. I went to a job interview and we were talking and I noticed every time I said the word AINT the interviewer would jump
                    its just special when someone says 'ain't' in an interview, a time when you're supposed to be putting your best foot forward. Throw in a few 'works good' and 'git r done's to cement the deal
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                      Date the HR representative?

                      Originally posted by gary350
                      Some of those Job Recruiters were jerks with at attitude.
                      Sometimes they're nice guys, but its still bizarre. This was quite a long time ago... HR at megacorp inc. is advertising for an electrical engineers assistant and I'm right out of tech school so...

                      The ad was extremely vague, both about responsibilities and pay. Turns out they wanted (literally) a groundskeeper to mow the lawn, and help carry heavy equipment in and out of various remote radio sites to help the actual electrical engineers working inside. For about one quarter the pay I was getting as a bench electronics tech. Um, no. For this I took a day of vacation and drove 75 miles?

                      Well it wasn't a total waste because the boss and bosses boss were also ham radio nuts and we had a grand time talking for about an hour about our operating and constructing adventures, and we have mutual friends, but the HR rep kept interrupting us to ask me bladerunner type questions "so, Mr Vince you're walking in a desert, and you see a tortoise flipped over on its back, why are you not helping it, Mr Vince?" etc etc, eventually I respond back politely to her that I appreciate her interest but I'm not interested in such topics at this time. Politely, mind you. She stopped interrupting because the two managers start smirking and giggling every time she tries to ask me more "HR" questions.

                      Well somewhere between boasting about DX accomplishments on the 20 meters band and building my own amplifier, I notice the HR rep was 1) female 2) hot 3) very hot 4) about my age that being very low 20s at the time. So at the end of the interview I ask her out, and of course get shot down with the same line I told her "I appreciate the interest but I'm not interested in such topics at this time". The management guys snicker a bit on the way out.

                      Easily the craziest interview I ever went to. They want me to be a groundskeeper for peanuts pay, then its just like being at the bar at the local ham radio club meeting (without the booze) then a hot woman shoots me down in flames. Despite "wasting" a vacation day on this, it was actually kind of fun, although I was mystified how the right guy ends up in the right job with this kind of system.


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                        The local branch of the 750 Motor Club holds monthly meetings and I've been irregularly attending them for many years.

                        They get some fabulous speakers along and not so long ago they got Adrian Reynard

                        He said that he wouldn't let his HR department do the first round cull of job applicants as they would remove all the best people because they didn't tick the right boxes (and didn't understand that their boxes might be the problem).

                        One French guy called Guillaume Rocquelin turned up barely speaking a word of English, but with a portfolio of pictures and sketches of motorsport projects, which he tried to explain with much enthusiasm and arm waving. Adrian sarted him off with a job in the model shop and he prospered at Reynard.

                        'Rocky' is now quite well know as Sebastian Vettel's race engineer.
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                          I was finishing my college program, and went for an interview with company looking for a technician. On the way into the interview, I met another recruiter that I had worked for in my home town, as a summer job previously. I asked him if they were looking for another technician, and he said yes, do you want that job for the summer? I said sure. I carried on to the interview with company ‘B’ - In the interview they asked me what I knew about their company, and all I said was I thought they made rail cars. They didn’t – they built sawmill equipment – I figured I blown it. We talked about what I had done, and then I told him I had taken a temporary position with Lab, for the summer, and I wouldn’t be available until September. We thanked each other for the interview, and headed our separate ways. At the end of August they offered me the position again, for more money so that kicked off 35 years of working in the Forest Industry, and never looked back.
                          On another note – one company I worked for, when they interviewed people we would set up two teams of material ‘Experts’, and then have one of the office staff ( Admin Assistant), just add to the mix. We are interviewing someone for a sales position, and after the first round – the Admin Assistant said ‘I think he has been drinking’ ( this is 11:00 in the morning). The next round – someone challenged him on it on the way out, he said he stopped in for a ‘Quick One’ to settle his nerves – He didn’t get the job!!


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                            I interviewed for a project engineers position with a small privately owned company. During the interview the president of the company fell asleep. I sat there in awkward silence for about 20 minutes. The pres woke up and picked up right where he left off. Mind you, he was not old by any means (mid 40's). I ended up taking the postion and the nap in the interview was not the strangest thing I saw him do in the 11 years I was there.


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                              Back in college just before graduation we were all interviewing. IBM was coming in to interview so I signed up. The day after they interviewed we compared notes and everyone agreed that IBM wasn't there to hire anyone but only to spout off to all of us about how great and wonderful IBM was... <yawn>

                              What a waste of time.