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Sort of OT - Homemade rocket hits 121000 feet

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  • Sort of OT - Homemade rocket hits 121000 feet

    I just thought this was pretty cool

    Plus if you go to the bottom of the page there ARE pictures of lathes/milling machines so not totally OT...


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    That's pretty neat and I admire their dedication to make a good working rocket. That had to take a lot of time and money.
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      I use to build solid fuel rockets. I had one that was 120 lbs of thrust it would go 3.5 miles. That is 18K ft still a long way from 121K ft. I wonder what propellant and binder they used. That is an interesting core shape they must have done some research before building that rocket.
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        When are they gonna launch a satellite?
        I just need one more tool,just one!


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          They have a pretty active rocket club here in North Texas area. I went out to one of their meets and was pretty impressed. Some of these were pretty big, 3" to 6" in dia, and over 6' tall, some liquid, some solid. Alot of the builders are amateur machinists. They have to go thru hoops with the FAA to get a permit.


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            pretty cool.... i want one


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              That is really cool. I'll bet the paperwork required would have been unreal. I can understand the safety part for aircraft etc, But now you'd be dealing with Homeland Security etc,etc,etc....................... No doubt that was a bigger job and took longer than even building that rocket. That was a hell of a effort by everyone involved. There's lots of rifles that won't move a bullet that fast. I'll also bet the cost would shock all of us. Very supriseing that all the systems survived those high Gs for what looked to be comman off the shelf cameras and GPS units.



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                If North Korea launched one of those they would be claiming they had an illegal WMD programme.


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                  I had lunch with a friend’s coworker last spring who is heavily into building rockets. He was excited to have a permit for 98,000 feet and had just purchased a Tormach mill to do some work to the fins.

                  I saw my friend this weekend and he informed me that the rocket blew up on launch. Lots of fun for the spectators, but a major disappointment after all the work and money. This guy had previously sent one to somewhere in the vicinity of 80,000 feet.

                  I didn't get to see his shop, but will try to do so on my next trip to WI. I understand he bought a commercial mixer for making the fuel. Quite the hobby.

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                    The little Hero camera is the cat's meow. GS has one, attaches to his MC motoX helment, or the rear bumper of his RC model car, or to make underwater movies of his girlfriends.

                    Dang thing is bulletproof.



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                      Anything that can survive a hot tub must be pretty robust

                      Oh, not that sort of underwater movie??
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                        One of the guys at work is into rockets. He calculated the fuel charge for that was around $7000.