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Quadra Chek QCIIE DRO information ??

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  • Quadra Chek QCIIE DRO information ??

    I have an old but working Quadra Chek QCIIE reader head I'd like to put into use on an optical comparator. Originally it took Sony Magnescale linear encoders, but the inside of the unit looks like it could have been configured for different types of scales, i.e. it has what looks like three or maybe four areas where different types of scale stuff could have been connected (to suit the end users' needs I'm guessing). In fact, the scale connectors on the back are DB9 rather than the DIN type which is shown in the manual, which tells me that it is already set up differently than their standard setup.

    So inside there are two separate boards which are specifically labeled "Sony Magnescale". The input from the scale connectors goes into them, then there are a few wires leading from those boards and into the QCIIE main board.

    So my question is:
    Does anybody out there know what type of input the main board for an old Quadra Chek like this wants, and if so, where do I connect what?

    The issue is that a) the original scales are long gone so I need to get others, b) Sony scales are not that easy to find especially for a cheap price and c) if the Quadra Chek can take standard quadrature input, then that greatly simplifies things but I don't know what header pins to connect the leads to even if I can do that.

    Here's a picture of the front of the unit for recognition purposes:

    A picture of the main board with some details marked:

    And a picture of the two "interpreter" boards (I'm assuming) which I plan to just bypass if I can:

    Last picture is kind of useless other than to show what I've got and I'm hoping to just use quadrature scales and bypass these two boards completely if I can.

    So to sum up, I'm looking for the communication protocol this reader needs (hopefully standard 5V quadrature) and which header pins on the Quadra Chek main board to which I need to connect the leads from the scales (pinout).

    Thanks for any help.
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    I had one of those. They are intended for CMM's and Comparators. I found one on Craigslist for something like $50. Put it on ebay and it got over $500. So consider that...


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      Well I'd kind of rather have a comparator with this DRO on it than sell it on eBay, which typically fetches less than $200 for these units anymore, minus fees and percentage and all the other slices of pie eBay et cie. takes out.

      Face it. Using a decent comparator with a handy DRO like this is like being a kid again and eating cotton candy compared to the teeth-pulling fun eBay offers.


      p.s. Thanks for the suggestion though.
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        Just thought I'd bump this up and try again.
        I had a line on a Sony Magnescale encoder but it might have fallen through. I thought maybe if I had one in hand I could hook it up and try scoping some things (with help of course) and try to decipher enough info to figure out how to make this thing useful.

        Anybody know what the output from a Sony Magnescale linear encoder is?
        Also, the DB9 pinout from one would be handy to know too.

        I promise to post a little writeup here if I can get the thing to work in case others need the info in the future.

        Thanks for any help.