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OT almost got in a wreck today

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  • OT almost got in a wreck today

    LOL , You'll love this.....
    We almost got in a wreck today. The story goes like this. We went out for lunch and janice got some deep fried fish and chips. She didn't eat it all so she wrapped it in a napkin and threw it in her purse. I said "that's gonna leak and grease up your purse" she said " no it wont"......... So down the road we go shoppin...So we are in line at the checkout and shes paying and sees the inside of her purse is all wet.. I said " I told ya" she flips out "shut the hell up" Now shes on the counter wipping everything off and asks the cashier to throw out her deep fried fish. She always has a tiny purse but today it was a suitcase and even had the kitchen sink in it... Everything in it was wet....So she cooled off, paid, and out the door we go. Now we're going down the road, shes driving and she puts her finger in her eye to rub it. Well as it turns out all that "wetness" was the pepper spray that had the top knocked off and it sprayed in her purse. So now shes yellin AHHHH MY EYE IS BURNING as we SWERVE ALL OVER THE ROAD. SO I say "take your finger out of your eye". She then reaches for a bottle of water in the cup holder and pops the top off and starts pouring it into her eye and all over the inside of the car as we swerve across the yellow lines........So we get home and she dumps her purse out on the kitchen counter and starts to wipe it all down. Now she starts cooking dinner and as it turns out its on her hands, all over the dishes, glasses, silverware. That meal brought tears to my eyes and a new taste sensation that I never had before.

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    thats crazy and too freaky to make up,,, I have a friend who grows jalapeno peppers and one time he gave me some to take home and told me to be real careful with them cuz they were his hottest batch to date,,, so im driving home and take a big bite out of one and my eyes start watering so I go to wipe them and my fingers were soaked with juice --- I had to pull over cuz I was almost totally blind and almost stuffed it into a curb...


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      Wow. My most recent near miss came as I was getting ready to cross the local 4-lane at 5 in the morning. Just as I started to pull out, I saw a pickup with no lights doing at a least 60mph in the lane I was going to cross.

      But an even more chilling near miss happened in the shop the other day. One of the students was beating on something with a ballpeen hammer, which he was swinging horizontally. He lost his grip on the hammer, and it flew in front of my face. It was close enough to feel the wind off it.

      At first I thought a bird had flown by, but then I heard the hammer land in the scrap pile about twenty feet away.

      The world is a dangerous place.
      Any products mentioned in my posts have been endorsed by their manufacturer.


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        You guys were very very lucky.

        More luck .... a Darwin escapee.