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    I am trying to figure out how to make a simple power head using a 9 mm round so that I can screw it on the back of my gaff and hopefully protect myself in case I get attacked by a shark. There are very few shark attacks in my country. Eight this year and three were fatal.
    Problem is I fish off a paddle ski and we have bull sharks that constantly eat our catch and then tow us for miles. It is only a matter of time when one goes for our ski.I have been harassed by a 500kg plus tiger who I had to bang on the head with my paddle and its an experience I don't want to go through again.Does anyone use one of these powerheads? Looks like a nice little project to make

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    My concern would be having that device on the end of your paddle, bumping your boat and shooting your friend with the bullet. Consider using blanks. The effect of the bang stick is more from the hard contact of the device to the shark, then the discharge gasses are forced into the animal, making mush of his insides. The bullet really has little effect, it is the gas that does the work.

    I can tell the story of fishing offshore out of Marathon, FLA when I was younger. A friend hooked an 8 foot shark, not sure the kind, but it was long and lean. The boat captain, put about 4 rounds from his .45 cal 1911 into the sharks head from about 4 feet as it was pulled close to the boat. I can only say that the fish did NOT like that and took off again fighting for another 15 minutes. The bullets really has little effect, it is the gas that does the work.

    It is a devastating weapon, be careful with it!!!!



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      I don't know much, but from what I've heard, the load of choice was a 12 ga. shotgun round.


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        How about converting a Ramset power nailer? Driving a 3" nail into a shark's nose ought to slow him down.


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          Sharks have rights to don't they just kidding but a serious question can you eat the sharks ?I know that round here in Scottish waters we too have sharks but their just basking sharks harmless and dog fish which I know many people like to eat.Question is can you eat their big cousins? apart from the fins that is .I hate to hear of them being killed for their fins but anything apart from that that can generally be eaten is fine and I guess if I lived in Canada or the USA I would (if I were younger and fitter) go hunting for meat.Nothing wrong with that in my book.I have a friend his wife is a strange one a vegan man she's nuts. Wow don't get me started on her she needs a big sausage the length of her arm just like the fairy tale.Alistair
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            Originally posted by gvasale
            I don't know much, but from what I've heard, the load of choice was a 12 ga. shotgun round.
            That's what I understand, too. I've never used one but have seen one in person that used a 12G shell. Maybe they come in various calibers.

            To my mind, for something that gets that close to me and is potentially interested in eating me, I think I would prefer nothing less than the Mighty Twelve.


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              Sharks are incredibly difficult to kill. Once while fishing for salmon I caught a dog shark. It was only about 3 feet long so I reeled it in on the wire line and proceeded to club it with the gaff. I didn't want to lose my line as it is very expensive.

              Killing a shark is much easier said than done. They have no bones to break, only cartilage. Their brain is very rudimentary and they can "run" without it for a while like a chicken with its head off. You have to basically turn the entire fish to a pulp before it stops fighting.
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                One that comes to mind is a spring loaded firing pin with a short knob on the side that is locked into a cam groove in the cover tube. The knob is rotated out of its pocket to fire it. The knob can also be tripped with a spring loaded sliding tube that extends forward to be used as a push trigger. These are prohibited weapons here now. They were common when I was growing up. These were similar in concept to a single shot 22 rifle.
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                  The reason I want to use a 9mm is that it is what I legally am licensed to have. If I am caught with ammo that I don't have a license for I could go to jail and in S Africa a good looking boy like me wouldn't be able to afford a big enough jar of Vaseline.That would be a bad idea. I am hoping to only assemble it when I am at sea and only screw it on if I am harassed by a shark. When I was doing my toolmaking apprenticeship I went fishing with my journeyman and we tried a solid 12 gauge on a shark and it worked real well. I think its a good idea to use a blank. It would be much safer and less risky in terms of the law if I am caught with it. Yes sharks are real hard to kill. ,
                  I have no interest to kill sharks I just don't want them to kill me.They are slow growing and fished to death in some parts of the world but are an absolute menace off our reefs. They are nicknamed The Taxman.The paddle skis we fish on are real small. These sharks are not as dumb as you think. You will never catch them on bait. But the moment you catch a barracuda or tunny they eat your whole fish and then you get towed all over the place.


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                    Bang sticks are made for underwater use only -- they use concussion to kill the shark. They're mostly home-made, so they come in any random caliber.


                    I used to wreck dive a lot, and for some reason bang sticks were really popular with native Florida divers on the Gulf side (Tampa).

                    Personally, I found them incredibly irritating. Everything underwater, including sharks, are afraid of the sound the SCUBA regulator makes, and won't bother you. That includes big sharks like whites and tigers.

                    But the guys in Tampa swim around underwater, looking for sharks to kill. You have to press the bang stick against the shark's head, and push (the charge is spring-loaded). If you get him anywhere else on his body, you're just going to piss it off.
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                      You need one of these

                      3:30 mins in


                      all the best.markj


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                        A buddy of mine dives in the Caribbean with his wife and I made a bangstick for him from a piece of EMT conduit and some galvanised pipe (it did require machining). I wish I had pics but here goes with a description...The business end had a contact pad and was on a sleeve that held a 12 ga shell. The sleeve slid back on impact and the shell's primer hit a fixed firing pin and fired it. The safety was simple, a cotter key that blocked the slide but could be easily pulled out by a string. The front was threaded to allow the diver to change shells after firing. We tested the device and it fired reliably but I've never heard if he has used it - probably more for peace of mind than anything else. He got the design from another diver; I do not know the origin.


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                          Think the mechanism from an automatic centre punch - press dowm and it trips the spring, driving the punch (firing pin) forward.

                          Personally, I would dump the ski and get something bigger - nothing less than 25'.


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                            I've seen 12 g bang sticks that worked like a steer stun guns.The pellets never leave the stick,the shell is loaded backwards and the gas/recoil drives a bolt forward, its fired by hitting the shark straight on The bolt has the firing pin no trigger.
                            I was told that if the pellets were released it would be a Short Barrel Shotgun.
                            You could make the same thing in 9mm a plunger/ sear would be easy to make be sure your bullet block is heavy enough. Pat
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                              Get a boat, don't kill the shark because they are attracted to blood in the water, its what they do.
                              James Kilroy