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  • photobucket stinks

    I have posted and attached pictures with photobucket on this forum.
    The problem I have is photobucket will remove pictures at will I have seen pictures go away in a few days. That makes it real hard when you run across a project that some one posted with pictures and they have been removed. Other forums have the function that I can down load a picture from my computer disc. It works very well and the pictures are on the forum forever and anybody can view them at anytime.
    That improvement to this forum would be fantastic we all would benefit from it.
    please help

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    Yup, it does.

    But, hosting all the pictures takes a lot of memory and bandwidth, both of which mean $.

    You might consider copying the images and threads to your own computer via a pdf print function or similar while they're still complete. I did this on my desktop for the shopmade tools thread. It would be tragic to have that goldmine of information and project ideas be marred by missing pictures.
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      I've never had a picture removed by photobucket. Most of the time the reason a picture is gone is the person with the photobucket account removes it from photobucket themselves.
      Jonathan P.


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        I never had any pictures removed from photobucket either but anything past 5 pages is invisible. You have to pay money for anything past 5 pages of photos. You have to watch what your doing if you upload something you need to make sure to delete something too so all the photos are visible. Anything that moves to the invisible zone its like it is no longer there. I sometimes upload photos just to post on this forum then a week later I need the space so the photos get deleted to make room for new photos.

        Photobucket use to be good but not anymore it is loaded with Advertisements. I hate advertisements!!! I am looking for another place to keep photos that is not loaded with advertisements.


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          It's not Photobucket. They don't remove pictures "at will", unless you're posting porn or a copyrighted image.

          What you're seeing is people removing old images to make space for new ones. That will happen with any photo hosting service.
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            Photobucket will host a limited number of pictures for free, if you go over the limit, pictures will have to be removed, either by you or Photobucket. You do have the option with Photobucket to pay for the hosting, in which case they don't get removed. I've got over 800 pictures posted, none have been removed, unless I removed them, or I don't renew my account.


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              bandwidth.. its 10 GB of bandwidth per month ..which is a hell of a lot..ive only used 4% for this month ..and i have pictures and videos everywhere .

              and photos and vids it says this ..

              Photobucket has removed the storage limits for free accounts!
              Now you can upload all your photos and up to 500 videos!
              all the best.markj
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                I have to agree, Photobucket isn't the problem. I have stored over 500 photos there, and have linked a great many to this and other websites. The only time I had a problem was when I moved a photos I had linked to a different folder within my account.

                I have zero problems with Photobucket. I know it would run faster if I went back to paying for a "premium account", but I;m not unhappy with it as it is.


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                  I have no gripe with PB,it's a great service.I have two accounts,one free and one pro.Both are good,but the pro account cuts all the ads and gives you a few more widgets to boot.
                  I just need one more tool,just one!


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                    PB is quite good. I've been using TinyPic for several years, now and it suits my purposes better.




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                      Originally posted by japcas
                      I've never had a picture removed by photobucket. Most of the time the reason a picture is gone is the person with the photobucket account removes it from photobucket themselves.
                      .... or shifts it into a different album, which destroys the original link. I use Photobucket and have had no problems, but I do prefer


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                        Yep... NOT a photobucket problem...


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                          There is NO 5 page maximum..... I have something like 30 pages on a free account.

                          I like it, except that they keep changing stuff, which makes it necessary to upgrade other programs just to let functions work. I need to upgrade FF to allow the direct link function to work, I now have to click the "share" bar to get a link.

                          The free accounts allow a huge amount of storage.

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                            I have been using Photo Bucket for many years, I have 1200+ photos dating back to the first I downloaded, it's free, none have ever been removed that I know of...nothing to complain about in my opinion.

                            The only thing that happened several years back they changed the addresses on my old photos so the old links no longer work....


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                              I believe the actual limit on a free PB account is the actual amount of storage space and not the number of photos or number of pages. If you have the latest and greatest digital camera that takes 15 or 20 MByte photos and you upload them, then you will reach that limit very quickly. On the other hand, you can set the camera to take pictures of lower resolution (I would recommend 1 or 2 MBytes) them you can upload a lot more of them. Or, after taking the photos in high resolution, you can use one of many programs to reduce that resolution. Microsoft Paint is free and will do the job: I use it all the time.

                              Also, if you move the photo to a different album, the original link will be broken and even if the photo is put back in the same album, it will no longer work. In short, choose your album location carefully when you first upload it.
                              Paul A.

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