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    Had a good weekend. Went to see my buddy who deals used equipment/scrap/whatever he can make money on about a vertical bandsaw...he had one buried behind a bunch of other crap...said $200. cool. As we were BSing around, he pointed at about a 300# pile of reamers and drills..mostly 1" and bigger. One of the reamers was a Morse #6 taper....told me to take it or it would get scrapped. Cool. Sold a few of the reamers over the weekend, went back today to get the bandsaw after he unburied it....gave him the $200 (I got from selling the reamers) and we loaded the bandsaw in the truck. kinda deal. Right after I left his shop on Saturday, I went down and picked up a Yuasa News 12" rotary table ... for $220.

    So, about 2 hours of driving, $220 out of pocket, I've got a new rotary table and a 14" throat bandsaw with a blade welder on the side, plus a pile of reamers and drills.

    Pictures once I get it in the shop tonight.

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    You took the reamers and drills from your "buddy" who does whatever he can do to make a buck and sold them so you could buy the bandsaw from him? glad your not my "buddy".


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      I may have portrayed him wrong...he's doing well, but a hoarder/junk/antique stuff collector. At this point, it's more of a hobby for him...he's gettin old. He mainly buys complete liquidations and scraps everything...then collects more junk, stores it for 30 years, then scraps it/gives it away...whatever. He generally gives me all kinds of good, sometimes we trade junk. He knows I sold the reamers and I actually just got an email from him...he found some more junk that he thinks I might have the patience to sell piece by piece, while he doesn't. Gotta go rescue that from the scrap bin tomorrow.