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mystery tree mill head

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  • mystery tree mill head

    I picked up a converted horizontal mill with a tree milling head on it
    that looks like a 2uv but it doesn't have the tilt rails on the side or the gear on the back and I think someone removed the fine feed knob.

    What older tree milling head has a flat back with graduations for tilt?
    I think the square ended shaft sticking out is where the fine feed knob goes
    but no idea how you engage the feed. Any help guys?


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    Unfortunately I won't be able to see your picture(s) until I get home from work, but it sounds like you have a similar head to mine. I have an old Index 40 mill with a Tree head grafted on. The head retains the tilt function L/R, but the nod mechanism was removed to keep it centered on the table.

    If it is like mine, there should be a knurled knob on the left side opposite the quill handle that you would tighten to engage the quill feed and then loosen to release it. I'll look when I get home. I may have some documentation on the head.


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      This won't be much help, but Tree made a head just for retrofitting to other makers horizontal mills, and there are probably features left off,and in different configurations from the heads supplied on their mills. I have never seen one in captivity, but I understand they were popular. There are 3 dowel pins that go into those holes on the collar with the threaded end sticking out in your pic. There is a missing knurled knob, that when you screw it in, it presses on the dowel pins to form a clutch which connects the quill to the power feed mechanism. I can't tell from the pic if you have the original belt pulley arrangement. There is a shaft/pulley that comes down from the cast alum pulley compartment with a belt to another pulley on the quill head. There is a little swingaway cover, and the quill head pulley has a threaded adjuster at its base to regulate the speed of the quill feed.
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        I would appreciate any help gzig5. mine does have the power quill pulley
        but no off the shaft pulleys (think they were removed)

        would love pics of your mill. Do you have a manual fine feed in addition to the quill handle?


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          yea daryl it has the power quill but it's not hooked up. i'll take some pics once i get it cleaned up if it's a not often seen thing. might help someone else.


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            Also I see a nut on that threaded shaft which is not correct. As said earlier, there is a knurled knob that screws on there, and there should be a spring clip arrangement?(mines missing also) in the end of that shaft, so that the knurled knob won't come off.