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  • Compound table for rotary table

    I'm thinking of buying an x-y table to mount on my rotary table. Something like this one. I figure it'll make it a lot faster to work on parts that would need multiple setups on the rotary table. I can center the rotary table under the spindle, mount the table, mount the part, then just crank the table to align each part feature that needs a radius cut. I thought about doing this quite awhile ago, but I played with the tables at HF and Wholesale Tool and the ways had a ton of slop. Of course, the gibs wouldn't have been adjusted properly, but it still made me nervous about the quality. I'm curious if anyone has one of these tables and if they were able to adjust the play out of the gibs. I took a cursory look at Ebay for better quality used tables and didn't see anything.

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    I don't have the one you noted but I have one of the others like those at the top of the same page in the Grizzly catalog I can honestly say its junk, horrible fit and no bearings or thrust washers at all... the jib screws are a sloppy fit, the only thing nice was the paint. Just taking it apart and using a small file to remove all the sharp edges did wonders. But all in all its pretty much what I expected when I bought it. I bought it for a drill press so it works ok. Mine actually came from Enco and I paid like $65-75 for it with sale price, discount code and free shipping. I can't imagine trying to mill something with it. I'm also curious if anyone has hands on with the model you inquire about.


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      Rotary Table

      Look for a quality used rotary cross slide on ebay. They are fairly cheap sometimes now, as most shops have CNC and don't need them anymore. Make sure you get one with the rotary part on the bottom or the center of the rotab will be ever changing and you will have to chase it around. Palmgren makes one with the rotab on the top. It's fairly useless. Palmgren is mediocre quality anyway, not something you really want.


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        I wish to offer a dissenting opinion to the internet consensus that Palmgren products are "not something you really want." It depends. They make a range of products. Their lower tier X/Y table, Model MCT18, is exactly as in your above link. The rest are above par, IME meet spec (0.001" TIR) and have a nice feel. My only complaint is the rotating handle on the ball cranks isn't the greatest. I preferred replacing mine with solid handles. These tables are expensive, but still much less money than any other option I know of for a new, quality, similarly sized table. I suspect Toolguy is directing you toward a used Troyke---which are indeed priced very low for what they are.
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          I have a Yausa (sp) 12" rotab with a 12" XY table as part of it X and Y each have 7"+ travel it is unbelievable what configuration you can do with it. I wouldn't sell it for less than $2,500.00 not that I'm selling it.

          I was really, really lucky a good friend gave it to me after his co. wanted it gone because it took up space, there original cost was in excess of $5,000.00, they also wanted to get rid of a stone that was not needed, it was a 24"X36"X8" black granite plate with stand, its good to have good friends.


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            I tried this a number of years ago. It puts the work piece way up in the air. The rigidity was extremely poor. I now have a "used once only" co-ordinate table.


            Originally posted by Punkinhead
            I'm thinking of buying an x-y table to mount on my rotary table. Something like this one.


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              We have this option.

              They are seriously awful!
              Dont know who writes the reviews on these sites but anything more than 2 stars is excessive.

              Leadscrews rough!
              Cheap and nasty cast handwheels and nuts!
              Gibs awful.
              May be barely OK for rough positioning on a drill press.
              Must shop around cos I have seen then from £ 80 to £250. Even £80 is over the top!


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                It sounds like my suspicions about the Chinese x/y tables are confirmed. I'll keep an eye out for a rotary table with a built in compound.


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                  Yeah I have that exact same X,Y table bought thru Sears here in Canaduh. Frankly I'm not all that impressed. It's...............ok for not too bad positioning on a drill press. Milling? I really have to agree with Philbur on this. It would move your work up too high, The table isn't all that rigid or accurate to begin with so work finish, accuracy would suffer. I've been looking for a higher quality lower highth table for a long time to do exactly what your trying to do. They might be out there, But any I've found that were close were also way up there in cost. I'm no doubt going to end up with finding a good used Troyke or comparable. I'm not sure Troyke still build them, But the last new price I saw them listed at thru MSC they were VERY expensive.

                  There was a artical in one of our hosts magazines a couple of years ago about building one from scratch. But I did hear of some or a lot of dimensional mistakes in the drawings. It was mostly built from "billet" aluminum. I thought a proper job should have been done and patterns built and castings poured. Overall though it looked to be a good usable design.