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LeBlond Regal 15x32, any drawbacks?

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  • LeBlond Regal 15x32, any drawbacks?

    I may have stumbled into an incredible deal for my shop at work. I have a prototyping shop, not something we are in full time- I'm down in the shop maybe 50% of the time.

    Currently for a lathe, I just have a Griz G4003G gunsmith model. Not what I exactly wanted, but WAY better than having nothing at all....
    Two full-time shops in our complex (I work for a huge company) are being forced to consolidate into one, so some stuff has to go for them.

    That's where I might get lucky. If I can talk my managers into it, I think I can get a LeBlond 15x32 Regal from this other shop. For FREE.
    Well, we'd have to pay the rigging crew to move it, and the electrician's group to wire it in, but still quite a deal.

    This isn't the actual lathe, but I found this pic of the same approx vintage, all the controls look the same as well as the badges.

    Is this late 60's, early 70's? It would need to good cleaning, but it looks in decent shape last I was over there. AND, I asked if it would come with anything? I was told whatever is under the lathe. So I took a peek under there... 3 jaw, 4 jaw, 6 jaw, faceplate, collet chuck!!

    I don't think it has been run in a while- is there anything known to be problematic on this vintage model? I think it would be a nice upgrade for my shop to score this in place of the Grizzly....
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    Grab it! That will be a serious upgrade from the Griz.


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      I have a 15x30 Regal like that one, but mine is servo shift. My serial # is a 9C, putting it in 1974. It is a great, smaller lathe. Hard ways, 30-1200 rpm, L0 spindle for plentiful, inexpensive tooling. I bought the lathe with only 3 and 4 jaw chucks, but have been able to accumulate a great set of tooling, including 5C, 2J, and rubber collets, and Aloris CXA stuff. It'll definitely outwork that Grizzly!


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        The 15 inch is about the ideal size for most things. That is a very heavy built, very quality machine. I would try my best to get it. I think the Grizzly is an OK lathe, but this one is much more.
        Kansas City area


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          I went over this morning and took some actual pics of the deal.

          Here she is:

          There's a faceplate and steady rest I found in the side storage area, and then this:

          I didn't power it up, but I'm told it all functions but might need some adjustments as they were never done since this current group obtained the lathe 10yrs ago.
          Hasn't been used much.


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            Oh, and while I was over there they asked if I'd like to take this too:

            Holy cats!!

            And it even gets better. I turn around (like a kid in a candy store) and they mention that they have to get rid of this also:


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              Soooo, Santa came early this year?
              YOU LUCKY MAN.
              I can take your Griz.


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                Get the lathe and everything else you can take!

                I spent a lot of hours with a LeBlonde just like that one, I would kill for another.

                It was without a doubt the most accurate lathe I've ever had the pleasure of using. Only real downside is the head was just a bit noisy. It had that straight gear sound at faster speeds. Still I prefer that head over the Servo-Shift models I've used.

                Get it!

                If you think you understand what is going on, you haven't been paying attention.


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                  If you don't take them tell me (just me) the location. I'll be there with a truck in the morning.


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                    I hate you.


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                      For FREE
                      I was holding off on my "vote" but even if McGyver's load of mill tooling was this year (it may have been last)...this has got to be near the top of "Tool Gloat of the Year"...assuming you get it all [I would even if it meant some put directly into storage]...seen any number of Regals advertised but they seem to have a tendency to get long beds quickly, for a HS situation, don't know you could ask for much more


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                        All well and good as a potential IDEA to get this stuff for work, (as much as I wish it was for my home shop)...

                        BUT, I still have to get approval from management to pay for the move and electric hookup. Probably $700-900 in move/connect costs I would estimate.

                        But knowing how things work around here- the "uppers that be" might easily choose not to pay a little of that cost and turn down MANY thousands worth of great equipment. They really don't care what I can gain down in the shop until they need something, or an urgent project needs to be done.

                        Otherwise, my shop and keeping it outfitted is just another expense it seems....

                        I'm crossing my fingers though- I'm pitching this idea hard as to all the benefits for the minimal costs involved.
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                          Originally posted by T.Hoffman
                          Oh, and while I was over there they asked if I'd like to take this too:

                          Looks like Sir John was right all along, they really are worthless....
                          Precision takes time.


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                            Just tell them they can get more for the Grizzly than the move will cost, whereas the old American machines have a comparatively low value and might even cost them money to have removed.


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                              Keep the Grizzly too, with a better shop you will embarque on more ambitous projects and times will come when you have a job mounted on the 'good' lathe and there is something you need that can be quickly done on the other. Just my opinion of course.